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An Essay On Professionalism

For every person holding a job and responsibility, professionalism becomes their mark of identity in the professional world. It is the first thing that people notice about you when you are in your workplace. Professionalism stands for a set of skills that defines a person distinctly from his counterparts. For any business where interactions hold the utmost importance in the job description, professionalism is the critical criteria to make an impression on your clients. They often notice your professionalism in the very beginning and their behavior and treatment towards you changes accordingly. There are certain factors which affect the professionalism of an individual. Speech, behavior, communication, etc. are few of the many factors. So let us examine the tenets which define professionalism and can help you build up a professional attitude. The essay writers of assignments4u maintain all the above-mentioned facts about online essay writing while writing a Professionalism essay.

Factors Which Have An Impact On Professionalism:

Professionalism isn’t easy to achieve, and it requires a lot of effort on your part to gain the professional attitude. Few ideas which might help you achieve the professional approach are:

1. The right attitude at your workplace-

Maintaining a positive attitude at your workplace can boost up your own as well as your company’s image. Thus even in stressful situations try maintaining a positive and happy attitude so that people may get the vibe of professionalism from you. The positive attitude isn’t something which can be built up on a whim, within a day. It takes months to build up that reputation about yourself. Limiting the number of absences, effectively communicating with people, providing a high rate of productivity, etc. are a few ways to achieve that reputation. Unprofessional conduct in the workplace includes low morale of employees, tardiness in appearances, poor customer service, etc. which can hamper the reputation of the company as well as you as an individual.

2. Formal attires are a necessity-

It is a huge topic of debate among professionals as to whether formal attires are necessary to signify the professionalism of a company, business or an organization. Most organizations incorporate casual dress codes. However, what one wears might be conceived as offensive by others. Therefore there is a necessity of enforcing and establishing specific dress codes for every organization. The employees should be instructed to wear clean and neat clothes and steer clear offensive fragrances and clothes. Professionalism essay writing is not a great deal and common academic task, For them, assignments4u provides college essay writing service.

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3. Time management should be done-

Another parameter for measuring the professionalism of a company is proper time management. Through time management, the employee displays his level of professionalism. Most companies resort to penalizing late arrival of employees. Also if the employee misses work, he is required to call and inform his supervisors about the reason for his absence, as early as possible. Time management can be done by prioritizing your tasks, constructing schedules and setting targets and milestones for your tasks.

professionalism essay

4. Respect everyone and maintain etiquettes in workplaces-

Workplace etiquettes are important aspects to imbibe the professional aspect in your reputation. Be responsible in your approach, and you can do that by communicating accurately and clearly and refraining from any personal engagements during working hours. Try not to indulge yourself in petty office politics and small talks which hamper the reputation and the environment of the organization. Maintain the confidentiality policies of the customers and take extra care to protect the sensitive customer data and other matters of relevance.

5. Avoid bullying and harassment of fellow individuals-

Try to create a working environment with zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. Both verbal and physical offensive actions come under the subject of bullying. Therefore safety in a workplace should be maintained so that everyone feels comfortable working there.

6. Switching over to the modern trends-

The 21st century being the century of technology, using the traditional techniques for your job is going to be a setback for your organization. Most businesses are turning their traditional systems into computerized ones. That is way more efficient than the previous systems and would grow your business into an effective one.

7. Enhance your emotional intelligence-

The ability to identify and manage your emotions as well as that of others is defined as your emotional intelligence. Your ability to harness your emotions and direct them towards specific tasks. The practice of doing that may enable you to identify and connect with the emotions of people around you. That can, in turn, lead to personal and professional interaction leading to collaboration, leadership, etc.

Two Most Important Tenets Of Professionalism- Time And Communication Scrutinized In Details:

professionalism essay

8. Time management-

There are certain points to keep in mind regarding the issue of time management. You should treat all your commitments with equal importance. Whether it is a client or a supervisor or an instructor, be professional in attending all the meetings which you have committed to. The party with whom the meeting has been fixed may have spent an enormous amount of time and money in arranging for it. Not attending or even canceling without any prior notice is incredibly disrespectful and you may be disqualified from being included in the future. If you find yourself in a situation that is unavoidable and that requires you to postpone or cancel your commitments, then take that responsibility with dignity and send a notice to the other party regarding your failure to fulfill the commitment. Also be aware when you have to say no and know how to put across your decisions. When there are certain engagements which have requested your attention but are not entirely worth your time, money or career, then graciously decline it, rather than accepting being completely disinterested in it.

9. Communication-

To imbibe the vibe of professionalism, you need to communicate professionally both verbally and on paper as well. Practicing can make you perfect in communication. Use language which is appropriate for businesses. The written words lack the audible tone and hence are the greatest source of miscommunication. Not everyone shares the same perspective and sense of humor as you do, so they might be offended by what you feel is humorous. Be clear and concise in your demands, suggestions, and requests. And then build up on your argument if necessary. Nothing bores people more than a long explanation of your argument, at last, to end in a question. So express your intentions clearly and then build up if necessary and not the vice versa. Also, keep in mind your non-verbal communication. Just like your words, your appearance and body language must also convey a professional tone. Regardless of the type of attire, you need to maintain a clean and neat appearance. Also, your body language may depict your mood and behavior and approach.


The core idea of professionalism is that positive influences help you proceed to a great extent in life and career whereas negative professional interactions, affects the future opportunities adversely, holding you back from success. So always try to feed on the positivity around you while neglecting the negative aspects. If you are still unsure and unfamiliar about how to react in a situation, take advice from your peers, elders, and people whom you look up to, to help you cross the region of uncertainty.

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