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A Complete Guide To Writing Brilliant Thesis Statements For Argumentative Essays

The greatest challenge that the author of an argumentative essay faces is to convince his readers of the stand that he has taken in his piece. Persuasion becomes the key factor in influencing the readers. It requires immense patience as well as some smart work to achieve the desired end. Persuasion in writing comes in various forms. The thesis statement is one synonym of persuasion through writings. It is your main armor to create a lasting impression on the reader’s minds. The thesis statement is that which states the central idea of your paper. It possesses the heart and soul of the whole piece. Through that one statement, you bring to the forefront the core idea or the theme that your essay is trying to portray or the stance that you have taken in your piece. It is your best shot to convince the readers of your point of view. In that case, students have to find the best college essay writing service on the internet. There are many types of essays such as “argumentative essay” are generally assigned to the students.

Thesis Statement- a Definition:

Here is a breakthrough of the term thesis statement to help brush up on your knowledge of it.

• A thesis statement is a map of the essay. It briefly summarizes the theme of the piece and informs the reader of its purpose.

• It guides the reader on interpreting the importance of the subject matter of discussion.

• It is the interpretation of the topic and not the subject itself.

• It has a debatable edge to it. Provides claims that other readers may dispute.

• It is usually a single sentence and is found at the end of the first paragraph that presents your viewpoint of the debate to the reader. The rest of the paper consist shreds of evidence to pursue the reader of your perspective of the argument.

• It is a good habit to write your thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. In this way, you can delve slowly into the topic using that as a source. If you mention the statement at the very beginning, the reader will get confused about the main idea of the essay by the time he/she reaches the end of the paragraph.

How To Create A Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement isn’t something that you formulate on a whim. It requires a lot of research, analysis and thinking over the topic. You have to collect shreds of evidence to support your view of the subject. You have to analyze your arguments and look for possible connections between required facts. Being a writer, you should be aware of the different techniques to influence and mold your reader according to your viewpoint of the argument.

The following tips would come in handy while drafting your thesis statements:-

Be well informed about the topic-

If you are knowledgeable about the subject, then it becomes easier for you to formulate your essay accurately. Writing a thesis statement let alone a whole paper about a topic you know nothing about is next to impossible. Many students lack knowledge drives them to request some experts ‘write my essay for me’.

Determine the limits of your subject-

A broader scope requires a longer paper while a narrower one requires a shorter article to be sufficiently proven.


The key ingredient to achieving success is to brainstorm your ideas about the topic. At first, write down all your thoughts, whatever you think of and then find out a way to connect all the loose ends. Categorize whatever you thought of into topics and sub-topics. Discover new themes for livening up your ideas.

The Thesis Statement Dissected- Strengths And Key Components

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While formulating your thesis statement, you can do a thesis evaluation to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your statement. Review your first draft and ask yourself the following questions:-

1. Have you answered the question?

When you re-read your material promptly after finishing it that can help you to focus on the central theme of the piece. Check whether you have addressed the poignant question of the essay. You can create an argument if you find that it missed the central focus of the piece.

The following example will justify this point:-

• “The number of homeless people living in Berkeley, California is quite high.”- There is hardly anything debatable about this statement. It is a mere statement of facts.

• “The homeless people of Berkeley should be provided with essential amenities such as camping facilities, regular food donations as well as public restrooms to improve the standard of living there”- Now this is extremely debatable. People might just have strong opposing views about the whole statement.

2. Have you taken an argumentative stand?

A simple statement of facts is not going to fetch that good grade for you. If you simply summarize the essay, it will not achieve the desired end. Providing a point and picking a side that stirs up some opposing views should be the primary focus of the essay. Read the following example to understand this better:-

• “Secondhand smoking should be outlawed in public places because it’s bad for health but that, in turn, will be unfair to regular smokers so instead non-smokers should probably hold their breath around smokers.”- The reader’s very first reaction after reading this statement would be “Say what?” It is a twisted and complicated discussion of the topic without any result. You haven’t left any scope for argument, and you are not sticking to a particular side. Hence this is an incredibly wrong approach.

• “Secondhand smoking is even more harmful than regular smoking because it leads to a higher prevalence of heart diseases and cancer. The worst thing about it is that nonsmokers inhale smoke without consent. It is the very reason why smoking should be banned in all public places.”- Now, this is quite the right approach. You have chosen a side and are supporting it firmly. You are firm in your stance.

3. Is your thesis statement accurate enough?

A primary characteristic of a thesis statement is to provide the argument loud and clear in a concise and compact manner. Beating around the bush will not serve the purpose. Instead, state the argument. Leave as much fewer loopholes in your statement as possible.

Here’s one example to guide you:

• “Fast food consumption is harmful, and it should be avoided.”- It is a wrong approach to proving your point. It is too general and leaves several big questions unanswered like “Are all fast foods bad? Why are they bad? Who should be avoiding it?” etc.

• “Americans consume fast food diets regularly which should be eliminated because it leads to expensive and complicated health issues like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.”- It is the right approach. It considerably narrows down the spectrum of the statement to health consequences of a particular group of people caused due to a diet of fast food.

4. Do your essay and thesis go hand in hand?

If you figure out at the end that your essay and thesis do not complement each other, then you need to address that issue. Changing your thesis statement according to the demands of your article in the course of writing is quite all right. Always reassess your writing whenever required.

Focus on the example given below to understand this point:-

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• “Mankind should relocate itself to mass.”-

The readers would be bursting with a thousand million questions after reading this statement. Unfortunately, there would be no answers to those questions. It does not have any supporting claim to redeem itself. In the course of the essay, you might find yourself diverting from your stand. The futility of making a flat statement will be realized. Hence it’s a wrong approach.

• “Earth is on the verge of destruction. Humans should immediately decide the time for their relocation to Mars where with proper planning they can once again build a whole new world without repeating the mistakes of their forefathers on earth.” A correct approach, this includes a host of claims supporting its stance. As you go on writing the essay, you can work on them to support you throughout the development of the piece. They will provide a rough backbone to your article and keep you from wandering off the topic.

The Plausible Weaknesses Of A Thesis Statement

1. Does your thesis pass the ‘So what’ test? ‘So what?’

is a vague question which highlights the loopholes in your thesis statement. If the reader’s immediate response after reading your thesis statement is ‘so what?’ then you need to create a larger relationship or address a more significant issue.

2. Does your thesis pass the ‘how and why’ test?

‘How?’ and ‘why?’ questions when raised by the reader, highlights the open-ended-ness of your essay. Give the reader a much more accurate take on your article right from the very beginning.

Thesis Statement Examples For Argumentative Essays

#1. The norms of the society have changed, and hence there should not be any controversy regarding the portrayal of gay characters in the Disney movie- The Beauty and the Beast.- The 21st century has brought in its wake, thousands of reforms in the society, a crucial one among them being the addressing of the homosexual issue. People have become much more accepting, and the narrow-mindedness has reduced to a considerable extent. Hence portrayal of one such character on-screen, in a Disney movie should not be morphed into a huge issue as that points out that all these acceptances were merely a façade of the people. The deeply rooted judgment is still present in our midst.

#2. Online education is well on its way to becoming a major part of the educational system because it updates itself continuously as opposed to the universities who do not make the much-needed adaptations for the modern system of education.- The monotony of the university’s syllabus almost begs to be replaced by the much needed refreshing and updated online courses. Despite advancement in everything, these age-old universities have shown a sluggish growth in the development of its courses unable to keep up with the educational requirements of the modern generation.

#3. Donald Trump’s offensive behavior, as opposed to Obama’s diplomatic approach towards immigrants, might just be what the world needs now to combat terrorism. – Terrorism is the new synonym for evil in the 21st century. Many a country bore the brunt of this destructive force, the USA being one of them. From the 9/11 attacks, the world has repeatedly been shocked by its atrocities. Hence the firm stand which the present President of USA, Donald Trump is taking to combat terrorism and shut down any loopholes through which the terrorists might escape or invade might seem offensive. But it is, in fact, a necessity in disguise.

#4. The idea that the type of salary a person receives depends on his/her type of work and not on their experiences is the requirement of the present generation. – The usual trend of preferring 9 to 5 jobs has led to an increased push towards securing the highest educational qualifications. The job description of a person depends on his qualifications rather than his skills. The present generations while moving towards advancement should also bring about a change in these aspects of life. They should not consider the pretense of fancy degrees and recognize the real worth of an individual.

#5. The government should have strict laws regarding any personal information updated on the web. – In this digital age, social media has become part and parcel of our lives. Life without it is unimaginable, especially for the tech-savvy generation. However, even if it has united the world and brought it into our grasp social media does have some negativity. It infringes upon the privacy of individuals. Any personal information updated does not remain private. And it can be manipulated by hackers and put to wrong use for their benefits. Thus laws should be formulated by the government regarding the privacy and protection of any personal data updated on the web to prevent it from being infringed upon.

#6. Using the money to motivate children for acquiring good grades is an option. – The lifestyle of the re-generation is distinctly different than that of its former generations. Materialism has evolved from being just an unacceptable syndrome to being one of the chief characteristics of this generation. “Money can buy anything” has become the motto of this generation so much so that parents now literally use the money to “buy” the motivation of their children for fetching good grades in examinations. While this may be a dystrophic view of the world, it’s not entirely irrational. By this practice parents provide the children an insight into how the real world works i.e. the more effort you give, the more you can earn.

#7. The production of cigarettes should witness a decrease up to 90%- Humans have the unusual trait of adapting to any situations. If the manufacture of cigarettes decreases by such a huge percentage then with time this harmful habit will also disappear. It is a simple law of economics. With the drop in production, there will be a decrease in the supply of it and an increase in demand for it. It will lead to prices hiking up to the extreme, and ultimately people will not be able to buy it, and they would have adjusted to its absence.

#8. Abortions should be legalized. – Legalization of abortions is an absolute necessity as women should have the freedom to make decisions regarding their bodies. And in many cases, abortion seems the only way out to escape the social stigma associated with untimed pregnancy.

#9. International companies that endorse child labor should not be supported. – The corporate giants would do anything to increase their production. They often indulge in child labor to achieve their ends. Hence it is the duty of the consumers to put a stop to this social evil by boycotting all the products from brands and countries involving child labor.

#10. Legalization of euthanasia is a much-needed change. – Euthanasia or assisted suicide has remained an important topic over the years. Every person has the right to life. Everyone is free to take any decisions regarding their life which they consider correct.

#11. Vaccinations are the lifeline of the children. – Vaccinations are an essential part of childhood to safeguard children against deadly disease and infections. Nearly 40% of Americans are nowadays refusing to vaccinate their children due to some irrational fears. Hence vaccinations should be made mandatory by the government.

#12. Governmental surveillance over people’s lives is harmful. – There is a thin line separating protection of people and infringing upon their privacy. National surveillance often tends to cross over the line from protection to infringement. Hence programs such as PRISM operated by NSA should be discontinued.

#13. Organ Donors should be given financial compensation. – The free donation of organs, although incredibly noble does have its disadvantage. Very few people are generous enough to donate their organs for the use of others. Thus it limits the number of donors and recipients all across the world find it difficult to access transplants that can save a life. Moreover illegal trading and exporting of organs also takes place. Providing financial compensation would eradicate both these problems.

#14. Schools are increasingly becoming technology oriented. – Too much focus on technology has stunted the ability of the students to think independently, individually and creatively. Mood disorders, loneliness and memory loss, are a few amongst other symptoms of dependence on this technology. Hence these problems should be fought against by indulging the students in conventional technology detoxes.

#15. Schools should opt to fight to cyberbully. – Bullying has remained one of the greatest terrors of school life since ages. It has extended beyond the physical world into the virtual world. Although these acts take place outside the school boundaries, school authorities should take some steps to curb it and reduce the instances of cyberbullying-related suicides.

#16. Foreign aid to Africa should be discontinued. – The practice of sending foreign goods to Africa should be stopped. It is doing more harm than good since African countries are becoming vulnerable to corruption, currency fluctuations, civil unrest and inflation.

#17. The one-child policy of China has caused more harm than good and should be reversed. – Originally the one-child policy of China was intended to help control population growth. However, it had negative consequences such as an aging population, diminishing labor force, unbalanced gender ratio, etc. Hence to help improve China’s degrading state, this policy should be reversed.

#18. The punishment awarded to criminals should be in direct proportion to the intensity of their crimes and not according to age, gender, time and other such factors. – Laws are made to keep discipline in a country and to prevent it from turning into a dystopia. However, the criminals often tend to wiggle out through loopholes in the legal system. Based on age especially, the maximum punishment a juvenile receives is merely being sent to reform homes for a certain amount of time, even though he commits the most heinous of crimes. These loopholes of the legal system do not provide justice to the victim and their families. Thus the punishment awarded to criminals should be in direct proportion to the intensity of their crimes.

#19. In the tug of morality between atheists and theists, atheists are the usual winners. – Theists are supposed to be God-fearing people. They have the utmost regard for morality since they go by the rules of the Holy Books which are meant to be instructions from above. However behind the façade of being upholders of morality, many amongst them often turn out to be quite immoral. Atheists, on the other hand, go by their rules. They have their moral compass and can differentiate between the good and the bad since they are faithful to their feelings and do not use a façade to hide their deeds.

#20. Testing drugs on animals is the lesser of the two evils that we have to choose. – There is a high regard for any forms of life on earth. However, humans have the greatest value in life compared to other life forms. If testing drugs on animals can save human lives by dozens, then it is the most reasonable and rational option to choose amongst the two. Hence it is a sacrifice we have to make.


Thesis statements are brief capsules containing the summary of the entire essay. So make sure they create an impact on the minds of the readers. They should make a stand of your opinion as well as raise debatable questions against the entire piece. The beauty of an argumentative essay lies in the fact that it can stir up the senses of the reader enough to make your piece memorable. And for that to take place, your essay relies heavily on the impact created by your thesis statement. All of the above thesis statement examples make excellent roadmaps for the creation of brilliant, argumentative essays.

Good Luck with using them and creating your masterpiece through words.

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