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“What should I do to get admitted to my dream college?”

“What are the DOs and DONTs for getting admission to a college?”

“How to get entry into the college of my choice”?

If you have any such questions in your mind, this blog gets the inside scoop on various ways how the students can improve their odds during the application process. From scheduling interviews to applying in your favorite colleges, read on the five tips.

  • Don’t make the mistake of limiting the college options:

It may be exciting to have a top school in mind but applying to only one institution may put the year at risk. Rather it is advisable to broaden your perspective. There are plenty of colleges that offer the kind of academic opportunities that each student is looking for, as well as give you the chance to grow socially and intellectually. By identifying what you are actually seeking, you will be more open to exploring a variety of colleges.

  • Don’t let a bad SAT score hold you back:

It is a fact that some undergraduate institutions do have minimum SAT score requirements, but why not consider the fact that many do not. For most colleges, standardized test scores are just one piece of the puzzle that college admissions officers look at. Four years worth of grades is a far better predictor of how someone’s going to perform than a three-hour Saturday test. It’s a red flag when students attain test scores with mediocre grades in the semester exams. Additionally, you should know that active participation in extracurricular activities & school clubs also appeals to colleges. Colleges are always eager to admit students who will bring curiosity, interest, and leadership to their campus.

  • Make the most of your campus visits:

It’s crucial to make every effort to visit each college that you are interested in. This will not only get you a feel for campus life, but you’ll be expressing your interest in the college as well as have an opportunity to ask questions that matters. Ask questions like “What is the percentage of students who apply and enroll themselves in their majors”?  “How many students study major of my interest?’ ‘What types of resources are available to the students in the major I am interested? These questions will help you get a grip on how you are going to have your days in that college. Moreover, you can always put questions to the admissions council like “Whether you offer additional facilities like tutoring to the students of your college”? “To whom should a student approach if he has problems regarding studies and life in general on the campus?”

  • Don’t hesitate to inquire when it comes to asking for financial aid:

By checking the financial aid box on the college application, it will open the door to many options to help you pay for college through merit scholarships, need-based financial aid as well as external scholarships. But you should always remember the fact that scholarships and financial aid are supposed to be offered first to students who have good grades and test scores, so consider applying to schools where you will rise above the other candidates and therefore get the best aid packages.

  • Be careful with the email address and social media Profiles:


It might sometimes happen that the admission councilors come across students with high grades, test scores and active participation in extracurricular activities, and then notice that they have an email address that’s completely inappropriate. That tends to reveal a bit about who they are. So it is advisable that you avoid this by registering for a very official email address with first name last name random number @ email provider .com and also to use that for all college-related correspondences. Also to add an important fact that you should clean up your Facebook and Twitter accounts as colleges often check them out to get a better sense of what each applicant is like.

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