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EVALUATION ESSAY TOPICSForming an opinion and evaluating someone else’s work is an easy task and something that comes almost naturally to us. However writing an essay on that is not as easy as it sounds. An evaluation essay is a bit like writing a review on something. The positives and the negatives of the thing concerned have to be involved in the piece. The only difference between both is that evaluation essays are more specific than reviews. Evaluation essays require you develop an understanding of the criteria and then discuss it inherently for evaluating the subject.


When a student first faces this kind of evaluation essay writing as their assignment, he doesn’t have that clear idea of how does an essay look like; i.e., its structure or the way to organize their content to write a brief as well as compact essay. Their lack of knowledge drives them to request some experts ‘write my essay for me’.

Evaluation essays can be written on any topic, but your piece needs to have a unique perspective on the subject. If you are still confused about selecting the topic, then follow the guidelines mentioned below to make the process easier.

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  • Choose a topic about which you have some idea- Choosing something just because it’s trendy will not be the wisest decision. Select the topic only if you have an idea about it. That way you will have a clear picture about the pros and cons of it and your evaluation will be better. Stick to the basics to get the best results.
  • Pick a topic that you can revisit- Pick a recent topic that is fresh on your mind. You will remember the details, and the evaluation will be more successful.
  • Pick a topic in which you are interested- Evaluation needs to have an unbiased opinion. If your judgment is clouded with biased opinions, then evaluation essay on that subject will not be a good idea. You need to present both views of the argument in an unbiased manner and then evaluate the issue.


Every essay writing helpers of assignments4u has earned the masters or Ph.D. degrees from the most reputed universities around the world. You need to only say ‘write my paper for me and they will incorporate all the research work and profound analytical details in the essays to make it compact and good.

Now since you have an inkling of what evaluation essays are and how to choose a topic for them, let us look at some of the topics that would make good evaluation essay subjects. Have a look:


  • Evaluate the recent performance of your favourite sports team and how did it perform based upon the expectations people had from it?
  • Evaluate the difference between watching a live game vs. watching it on T.V.
  • Evaluate the effect tailgating has before going to a match.
  • Evaluate the performance of a particular player in a sports team. Is he overrated?
  • Assess and evaluate two different gymnastics program.
  • Evaluate swimming as a team sport.
  • Analyze and assess the importance of ESPN.
  • Evaluate the way the recent Olympics were covered.
  • Assess the importance of golf as a sport.
  • Evaluate and analyse competitive cheerleading and its difference from sideline cheerleading.

Movies,T.V. and Plays

  • Evaluate the portrayal of modern romance onscreen.
  • Evaluate the importance of history movies for education purposes.
  • Assess how a film based on a book has remained true to that book.
  • Evaluate the importance of a sequel. Does it add more drama and more freshness to the original movie?
  • Examine and evaluate the work of a director and the vision which he brings to the project. What is the message that he wants to convey through the work?
  • Evaluate the importance and the usefulness of the censor board. Does it help in any way?
  • Evaluate a ballet performance that was orchestrated recently.
  • Compare and evaluate two versions of a play or musical work.
  • Evaluate a children’s film and its effects on the children.
  • Compare the experience which you had at an intimate concert to that which you had at a big concert.


  • Assess the effect of social media on your social relations.
  • Has the 3D filmmaking enhanced the experience of movie lovers?
  • Evaluate and examine the different experiences in using the digital textbook and traditional textbook.
  • Examine the importance of using media and technology in teaching.
  • How have social manners changed due to the technological revolution?
  • Evaluate several similar types of apps.
  • Evaluate the cell phone laws that have been put into effect. Are they effective in preventing accidents?
  • Analyze whether gaming helps or hurts students.
  • Evaluate the latest version of your Smartphone with the previous versions.
  • Assess the experiences of watching a movie at home and watching it at a theatre.


  • Evaluate and assess the different types of schools and the learning that takes place there.
  • Examine the SATs vs. the ACTs.
  • How are year-round schools more efficient?
  • How does your school take action against bullying?
  • Examine the program of fine arts at your school.
  • How are statewide testing programs effective?
  • How is a virtual learning experience more effective than the traditional ones?
  • Evaluate the student leadership of an organisation at a school of which you were a part.
  • How can students be trained to be leaders? Evaluate the process.
  • Evaluate a peer monitoring program and its effectiveness.

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