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The past is always difficult to write about. Even in an assignment, when writing an essay about historical topics prop up, our minds immediately react “NOT AGAIN!” History research papers contain an incredible and extensive amount of information that can boggle the mind of any student. You can also take assignment help online in History from assignments4u which can contribute a lot in writing history essay and research paper. Scholars presenting or researching on a history paper can have a hard time selecting the topic to work on. But do not worry because we bring to you a well researched and well-constructed list of topics from which you can choose your own.


If you are faced with the herculean task of constructing an essay or a research paper on history, then choose any one from the vista of choices given below:-

Major historical eras

  • The 13th century which portrays the turbulent times in the Catholic Church and the emergence from the Dark Ages.
  • The 19th century which witnessed the birth of industrialism, the modern era and much more.
  • The 20th century which witnessed one of the most horrific incidents of human history- The 2nd World War and its devastating after-effects on humanity.
  • The Bronze Age and the advances in the ancient Egyptian society.
  • An essay on The Golden Age of Piracy by Hugh F. Rankin which deals with a study of piracy between the 1630s to the 1720s in the New World.
  • An essay on middle ages and all the important events of world history like Renaissance, during that time.
  • An essay on Renaissance itself is plausible enough.
  • An essay on the 19th century Victorian Era.

Countries or Regions

  • An essay on the history of South Africa and the development of the region.
  • An essay on the condition of South Korea and the role of the role of the US in its development.
  • Essay on the condition of Tunisia and the cause of the riots and protests happening there.
  • The role of Russia in the world history.
  • An essay on the complexity of the ancient and modern Egyptian history.
  • The history of Ireland and their turbulent past.


  • An essay on the Cold War.
  • Essays on the two devastating World Wars.
  • The French Revolution and the philosophers of the revolution.
  • The Vietnam War and its aftermath.
  • The Haitian Revolution and the mistreatment of black slaves.
  • The Spanish Civil War between the loyalist forces and the fascist rebels.

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General topics on history

  • Women in industrialized societies -their status and the female discrimination that they face.
  • Women in Modern European society and the changes they faced.
  • The Anthracite Coal Strike in the year 1902 and the dangerous and deadly effects of coal mines on the coal miners.
  • The factors that led to the Great Depression of the late 1920s.
  • The effects of the ban that the 18th amendment imposed and the rise in crimes.
  • Essay on The War Power Act that limited presidential military authority.
  • Essay on the Black Power Movement and the fight for Civil Rights.
  • Essay on the conflict between slavery and revivalism.
  • The contribution of George Washington in the Revolutionary War.
  • The effects of the Embargo Act on the US economy.
  • Essay on Neorealism and Classical Realism.
  • Essay on the different political agenda of North America and South America.
  • Homer’s influence on history and literature.
  • Hitler’s rise to power.
  • Essay on the historical myths and legends.
  • The Salem Witch trials and its comparison with other historical events.
  • The causes and effects of China’s one child policy.


Tips to construct your research paper

Online assignment on history can help you out constructing the main concepts of your essay. Now since you have already acquired an idea of the topics that you can work on, you can start working on your essay/research paper. But first, go through the tips mentioned below. They can help you in constructing an excellent research paper or an essay and fetch you good marks.

  • Thesis– Pick a topic that is relevant and answers real world questions. Avoid mentioning narratives as much as you can. Present an argument of your paper and substantiate it with references.
  • Bibliography– Go through a lot of important and relevant primary and secondary sources for your research paper to be powerful enough.
  • Outline– Creating a framework helps you be on track. It is essentially a roadmap to your paper which guides you from time to time, a backbone which gives you the basic structure of the essay so that you can develop on those points elaborately and give a concrete structure to your essay.
  • Title– The title should act as a summary of the whole paper. It should give an idea to the readers about the central theme of the paper.
  • Introduction– The introduction should present the argument of your research paper and present the historical context briefly.
  • Argument– Stating arguments blandly without the presence of suitable facts to back it up can be dangerous for your essay. Analyze the facts that you have gathered. Do not simply summarize any information.
  • Conclusion– Summarize the entire argument. Your conclusion should establish your argument and have a convincing tone to it. It should enable your readers to think about it.
  • Style– Make sure to use past tense while writing a paper on history. Avoid using slangs and write in clear English.
  • Paragraphs– The paragraphs should be divided sequentially, and each should hold an argument that takes the essay forward.
  • Quotations– Use short quotes. Your analysis is what matters most and hence using long quotes is not an ideal option.
  • Annotations– Use either footnotes or endnotes but not both.
  • Revise– Revisions are as important as writing the essay. Check your spelling, grammar, and syntax. Editing and proofreading is a must.


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