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The very term “exemplification essay” stirs up the deep rooted fear of writing essays within every student. But do not freak out after hearing this term if you already have an idea on how to write essays. An exemplification essay is simply an extension of the argumentative format of the essay. You try to prove your point in both the types of pieces. However, in an exemplification essay, you use more accurate examples. Merely stating the facts and pieces of evidence is not going to help. You have to incorporate those in your writing. Any examples that you state should prove and make an argument to your point. It will provide high vitality to your point. Assignments4u is the best college essay writing service provider in the current years, so you can take their service without any doubt for gaining good marks.


When you start writing your essay, do not directly dive into the writing. Instead, try planning out your strategies in approaching the piece. Create an outline; gather facts, statistics, and examples and then start working on it. It is the best way to approach an exemplification essay, and it will help with the smooth writing of the topic as well. The steps mentioned below will help you write an exemplification essay within no time at all!

 i) Create an outline and brainstorm

Both are almost the same thing. Brainstorm or gather ideas about your topic and then outline them or write them down one by one before you start writing the essay. The introduction and conclusion should also be included in the draft of your essay. They can contain as much information as you like. The body is the most important section of your outline. It includes all the main points, arguments, facts, statistics and shreds of evidence to support your argument. Hence your outline may look

  • Introduction- It should include the Hook and the Thesis Statement.
  • Body- It should include one paragraph stating the argument. Few more in defending the argument through facts, statistics, and pieces of evidence.
  • Conclusion- The summary of the entire essay and your concluding ideas on your argument.

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ii) Write your introduction

As mentioned earlier, the introduction should contain the hook and the thesis statement. The “hook” is the attractive bait that keeps your readers hooked to your essay. The thesis statement tends to explain the purpose of your article. It essentially sums up the main idea of the body paragraphs.

iii) State your body paragraphs

It doesn’t need to have the quintessential 5- paragraph essay structure unless it is specifically mentioned by your instructor. Your main arguments are stated in the body paragraphs along with their pieces of evidence. Thus it is advisable to create an outline here which can keep you on the track while writing. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting lost in the tenuous process.

iv) Wrap up with conclusion

As mentioned earlier, the conclusion consists of the summary of all your main points. However just restating the thesis can never serve the purpose. Your conclusion should have a convincing feel to it. The reader should be convinced about your viewpoint by the end of the essay. The piece needs to feel whole after the conclusion.



If you are still feel confused after reading this blog, then do not hesitate to contact the customer care executives of assignments4u saying, “write my paper for me” to get ready-made essay. Since exemplification essays are very similar to argumentative ones, choose a topic that is debatable. Selecting a topic that has one obvious side can never work out for such type of essays. Also, select subjects which have hard facts to support it. Backing up your piece with ambiguous and obscure facts will mean that you are no longer writing an exemplification essay. Following are few ideas for writing an exemplification essay.

  • Are classes separated by gender more efficient for learning?
  • Should there be a decriminalization of drugs?
  • Is technology having an impact on our culture?
  • What are the impacts of hoarding on families?
  • What impacts do online reviews have on businesses?
  • Why should school-going children take musical courses?
  • Is there a stronger necessity for gun control?
  • What are the impacts of online education over the traditional one?
  • The impact that Title IX had on enrollment in high schools.
  • Is a college degree essential in today’s society?
  • America has a steady decline in morality.
  • Are bike helmet laws needed?
  • Are cults a symbol of the moral decay of the society?
  • What are the effects of social networking sites on the youth?
  • America needs leaders to guide it on the right track.
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Homeschooling is an effective teaching method, more so than the traditional schooling.
  • Should organ donation be encouraged?
  • Is the separation of church and state a practical step?
  • Discuss the vicious cycle of welfare.
  • What are the impacts of wage discrimination based on gender?
  • Should commercials be made more children-friendly?

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