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A thesis or dissertation is a well-documented discourse on specific subjects of research. They are the product of an individual’s research and form a part of higher education. Constructing a dissertation is not an easy task. They need precision, focus and need to be detailed. The specific objectives and the aims of the research need to be stated clearly. Choosing a dissertation topic and an appropriate one at that is an essential aspect of research. It leads to the relevancy of your study. The scope of a thesis is very narrow because it focuses on a particular field of study. This blog deals with dissertation topics on nursing. Scroll down and have a look:


A PhD in nursing is a full-time course which requires excessive and intensive studying. Submission of a dissertation is a regular task which they need to do at intervals. While the area of topics may vary from school to school, but the classifications remain the same for the students to choose. However, before mentioning the topics let’s look at the way of writing a nursing dissertation.

  • Choose a topic that is strong and grabs the attention of your readers.
  • The topic should be made attractive to the readers.
  • Carry out an intensive research because that will help you in receiving the required outputs.
  • Make use of words which is interesting and engaging.
  • Revise and proofread to make your content error-free.

Though the tips are very useful, a novice student will not able to follow all these in his nursing assignment. Hence, you need perfect nursing assignment help from assignments4u to solve your problem. The tips mentioned above will help you to write a nursing assignment somehow. But you need a topic for that. So here’s a list of topics for writing a dissertation on nursing.
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    • Clinical management topics
      It does not involve only the application of the nursing inventions but also the management of all the aspects of nursing and healthcare within the clinical setting.  Some topics under this subject are:-
    • Risks and issues faced in the clinical management of patients who have prostate cancer.
    • The new directions for managing patients in the adult intensive care units.
    • Management issues in taking care of the elderly.
    • The psychosocial treatment and clinical management of drug dependence in prison settings.
    • Self- assessments of patients and decision making.
    • Control of infectious diseases and interventions in clinical management.
    • Public health dissertation topics

      Public health deals with the topics that focus on large scale health problems which affect the health of the people. These topics do not concentrate on individual concerns. Some topics under this issue are:
    • Evaluation of the health promoting interventions on public health in the UK.
    • Contamination of drinking water in developing countries and the harmful effects of that on public health.
    • AIDS and its social impact: a study in public health.
    • Importance of public health policy for controlling obesity in children.
    • Diabetes as a public health problem and associated interventions in lifestyle.
    • Growing problem of binge drinking and alcoholism among teenagers as a public health issue.
      • Community nursing dissertation topicsThis subject shows the importance of social interventions in health care. It focuses mainly on the elderly and the disabled. Topics for the nursing dissertation in this area include the following:
      • Community nursing services and care for the elderly.
      • Assessing the nutritional status of children as an essential part of community nursing.
      • Promotion of health through community nursing services.
      • The role of GPs, nurses, policy makers and social workers in a community nursing centre.
      • The role of community nursing in improving the life of the elderly.
      • A comparative study of health care needs and community nursing in different cities.

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The nursing practices related to midwifery are not only concerned with pregnant women but also clinical and nursing interventions in pregnancy and the related health issues as well. Few topics to explore on this subject are:

  • The role of the midwife in high-risk pregnancies.
  • Supportive nurse-midwife intervention team for managing caesarian section.
  • Improving pregnancy outcomes and care with the help of midwives.
  • What are the factors which affect the competence of midwives in a clinical setting?
  • Health risk of women caused due to postpartum depression and the role of midwives.
  • The long term effects of midwifery support and social support during pregnancy.
  • Health organisation dissertation topics
  • The primary health agendas are drafted and supported by international leading health organisations. Research topics under this issue include the following:
  • The focus on public health policies of the UK.
  • The trend of providing research funding by the National Institutes of Health.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of National Health Service in providing services to the elderly.
  • The extent of the focus of WHO on the healthcare needs of developing nations.
  • The organisational dynamics, power and culture within the National Health Service.
  • A report on the cost and health care plans of countries around the world.
  • Evidence- based practice dissertation topics
  • It is the most widely accepted form of practice. It places importance on shreds of evidence in nursing interventions. Few topics to be explored in this issue are:
  • Ethics and leadership in evidence based nursing practice.
  • Evidence-based guidelines for promoting good quality health care.
  • Disease management with the use of evidence based medicine.
  • Use of proof and knowledge management in clinical practice.
  • The role and the importance of reflection in evidence based practice.
  • Mental health dissertation topics
  • Mental health may vary among the masses, and mental illnesses need to be prevented by maintaining appropriate mental health interventions. Topics to be discussed under this subject are:
  • The usefulness of psychiatric treatment and the prescribing of medicines for schizophrenic people.
  • Stress and mental illness among gays, lesbians and bisexuals due to pressures from society.
  • Unemployment is a huge factor for aggravating mental illnesses.
  • How are suicides linked with mental illnesses in the urban population?
  • The legal aspects of mental health: A study.
  • Models and theories in dissertation topics
  • The application of nursing theories and models helps in clinical decision making. They provide the theoretical basis for changing healthcare perspectives in nursing. Topics under this category are:
  • Roles of nursing models and nurses in changing health care and nursing needs.
  • The Neuman systems model for Public health nursing interventions.
  • Application of the theories of nursing in clinical decision-making.
  • A case study of an emergency patient using the Ropar Logan Tierney model.
  • The importance of reflection in nursing theory and practice.Utilize this topic to the fullest. Even if you still find it difficult to cover the main points, assignments4u is always there to provide you with the best Nursing Home work help.

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