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13 Spookiest College Campuses That Will Scare Your Wits Out


College is a quite an interesting part of everybody’s life. It is the place where you leave the safe and enclosed environment of the school and step out into the real world and the threshold of maturity. It is the place where you start discovering yourself and your surroundings. But what if you discover a little more than you wanted to? As if growing up wasn’t scary enough, the following college campuses have paranormal disturbances and real screams in store for its students. Brace yourselves and see whether your college makes it to the list! Assignments4u can be your savior and rescue you from the scariest thing that is exam. They are the best in the market to provide online assignment help to the students. The experts in their team can also serve accomplished college essay writing service to the students.

Ohio University- Ohio

Ohio’s main campus hosts a multitude of paranormal presence the most famous of them being the story of Wilson Hall’s room #428. Back in 1970, a female student is said to have fallen to her death from a window after she started losing her sanity. The room had been sealed shut after paranormal disturbances like slamming of doors, flying objects, etc. took place. Also, the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority is said to be haunted by a murdered slave who goes by the name Nicodemus. Furthermore, Ohio’s campus sits on a Native American burial ground. The school was also a former psychiatric hospital and a tuberculosis ward. The Kennedy Museum of Art was originally Athens Lunatic Asylum until 1933. Talk about a disturbing past!

Penn State University- Pennsylvania

Back in 1969, the murder of Betsy Aardsma, a student, took place in the basement stacks of the main library at Penn State. She was stabbed, but her murderer was never caught. She now haunts the college premises where students reportedly hear her screams or worse, feel as if they are being stabbed by someone, in the library. (Phew!) Apart from the mainstream human ghost, Penn State also hosts the ghost of the mule: Coaly, who was Penn State’s first mascot. The plodding of his hooves and his unmistakable call has often been heard by students.

Boston University- Boston

A historic city is bound to have ghosts from the Revolutionary War era. The university, however, hosts the spirit of the famous playwright: Eugene O’Neill. Also, the students have reported that the lights on the fourth floor of this university are considerably dimmer, the elevators open and close by themselves, and the toilets are flushed randomly by paranormal presences.

St. Mary-of-the-woods- Indiana


St. Mary-of-the-woods- Indiana

The oldest Catholic institution of India it has acquired quite a reputation for being haunted. The faceless nun is the most famous of them all. According to the legends, the Nun had a talent for painting portraits, and she kept the face for last since she believed that to be the most important feature. One day she decided to portray herself on canvas. She, however, could not complete the painting since she passed away due to some unknown illness. Hence the face was left incomplete as well. Since then there have been reports of seeing the Faceless Nun roaming in Foley Hall. And that’s not all. Pianos play by themselves. Also, the students have felt someone touching them in their sleep!

California State University- Channel Islands, California

Before it became the esteemed California State University, it was the famous Camarillo State Mental Hospital which was in operation from 1936 to 1997. It was the most notorious mental asylums of the time. Over 1000 patients died while it was operational and shock therapy was rampant. No wonder it sits in the list of the spookiest college campuses today! To top the icing, the famous horror flick “The Ring” was shot here in 2002.

Wells College- New York

Wells College is on this list and for good reasons. There was a crazy episode of influenza epidemic which stormed the college once. A room in the main building during that time was used as a temporary morgue. Sinister presences started haunting there, and hence the door was painted red to warn students not to enter it and encounter ill. But the Red managed to bleed through no matter how many times it was repainted. The main building has also witnessed the untimely deaths of many students, either by fire or by something sinisterly beyond the reach of the physical world!

University of Notre Dame- Indiana

The famous ghost of Notre Dame is the famous football player- George Gipp popu

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larly known as “the Gipper” by the students. His untimely death was brought on by pneumonia and throat infection when he fell asleep one night on the steps of Washington Hall. Despite his occasional friendliness, he is known to stir up troubles sometimes.

William Smith College- New York

Room 304, is the hub of all paranormal activities in this college. Legend has it that a girl hanged herself here and that is when all the trouble started. Typical paranormal shenanigans like unlocking of doors, pulling down of blinds, mysterious swapping of contents on the desk, voices from the bathroom, typical sounds of scratching and weird images on mirrors take place here. The souls of the dead are not at rest here it seems!

Fordham University- New York

When your school represents a gothic castle with a history of over 100 years, some scary stuff is bound to take place there. Fordham University has the spooky vibe of a haunted mansion. Keating Hall is the most recognized haunted place there. Cold spots are often felt by the students and they also often feel cold hands touching them. Ghostly apparitions of a young blonde girl and also of a man have been seen here. The school has been a favorite location for directors of  many horror films the most famous of them being “The Exorcist.” Chills down your spine? It’s but natural!

Bryn Mawr- Pennsylvania


Bryn Mawr- Pennsylvania

The all-women campus has its share of haunting. Once a student named Lillian had set herself on fire accidentally, and to protect her dorm-mates, she had jumped out the window falling to her death. Her apparition has been witnessed by many, wandering in the cold third floor of the Merion Dorm.

University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign

The grotesque history of this university goes back 150 years and has some pretty disturbing accounts to stir up paranormal disturbances in the present day. The English Building is supposed to be the most haunted place. It was earlier a girl’s dormitory and is now haunted by the ghosts of Christie and Clarabella. The apparitions of a murdered school professor and the first school President are also seen. Add to that there are reports of two possessed elevators and this college has a healthy dosage of the spooky factor!

The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa- Alabama

Shortly after the construction of the campus, two boys got into a fight over the honor of a female relative. As most gunfights, this also ended in a grisly manner with one guy falling over the balcony and dying. His ghost has been witnessed wandering near Woods Hall’s balcony. The Little Round House of the campus is also said to be haunted by the ghost of three Union soldiers who were killed by a Confederate soldier who lured theme there with the promise of free booze.

University of Georgia, Athens- Georgia

The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house of this University is the hotbed of morbid tales and supernatural haunting. The former state senator James Yancey Carithers dwelled here, whose daughter Susie had committed suicide in the attic. Phi Mus is another sorority which is haunted by the ghost of Hanna Hamilton mourning her dead fiancé.

If you have opted and enrolled in any one of the above universities, you are in for a pretty good scare. Just be sure not to disturb the dead and hopefully you will be good to go. Good luck and watch out for ghosts!

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