In the season end, graduation caps are flying everywhere. Just like every year millions of students will finish their marketing degree and step into the real marketing world. But unfortunately the sad truth is, very few or almost none are prepared for the real world.

You might have finished your degree with good scores and marketing assignment help but wait for the worse is yet to come. But don’t worry we are not de-motivating you; we are willing to prepare you for the real world of marketing.

All the future marketing students, here we have discussed what you really need to know before making a starting point in a marketing career.  This is a list of 12 advices useful for future marketers who are graduating this year.

The list is divided in to five key categories, and the tips are covered under these umbrellas.


  • Don’t be scared of numbers: Marketers needs numbers. Marketing is completely associated with business and commerce, where numbers pay a huge responsibility. There is no excuse to skip numbers, calculations and analyze. Even a social media marketer has to go through charts and graphs from time to time. Marketing assignment help to prepare students for these situations. Students who have conducted quality assignments can easily cope with the calculation and statistics needed for marketing strategy.
  • Do not over do 4P’s or C’s of marketing: We know that marketing courses preach the P’s and C’s of marketing and the truth is, it is not valuable for the real world marketing experience. Marketing assignment help introducing you to core concepts of marketing, but meeting requirements for price, product, place and promotion is quite different in real-life marketing. The bookish knowledge is really unrealistic in front of the real scenario. For taking in marketing techniques, you need to focus on further parts of this list.
  • Actual job experience is completely different from the classroom: If you think that classroom experience actually mimics the real life job, then I must say you’re going completely wrong. You can’t imagine the “real-life” circumstances until you manage the real resources. Conducting market research, working on backing on a real company’s reputation, and investing your time and energy in real projects.

You cannot even practice it, and you have to be there and do the real work. An internship is the only option, which takes you to our next segment.



  • Make your resume “striking” with internship experience: The usual mistakes most of the student make is not taking internship opportunities. Students take this false notion that if you have better marks in the results, you will be accessible through the glass door easily. But the truth is marketing assignment help to understand the concept of marketing, but that doesn’t make you a valuable resource of the company.

Now think about it, if you have done an internship maybe in a big or small company, you have handled the real work; you are familiar with the work culture and a company name imprinted on your resume. This will makes your CV impressive to the employers, not only that internship also boosts your confidence for real interviews.

  • Having irrelevant experience: Internship is a great way to smoothen the career path for any job, but it doesn’t mean just any internship. Many of you don’t know that irrelevant internships aren’t counted in your job interviews. Yes, it is true that employers look for candidates that have a little bit experience in the job world apart from academic knowledge but that don’t mean just any job. Moreover, it confuses recruiters, having multiple internship experiences from different sectors may give you small ideas about those fields, but if it’s not marketing then sorry to say you don’t have any experience at all.

Marketing is a completely different sphere from any other sector; it requires individual skills to make the application of marketing. Certainly marketing assignment help students to understand that but as we mentioned earlier you haven’t stepped foot in the marketing world, you know nothing!

  • Exemplify modern convention: Marketing is an ever-evolving subject, it is changing every day. And if you are still sticking to the old ways to impress recruiters, then you’re going wrong.

The change in marketing is prominent, and from entering to work culture, everything is different. According to a survey conducted by Herd Wisdom, 89% of marketing recruiters hire from linkedin. Other than linkedin, unique ways to present your capabilities is through tweets, blogs, slideshares and even ebooks. The world of marketing demands fresh and unique talents. The one who highlights its creative spirits is easily valued.


  • Marketing evolves: As we mentioned earlier marketing change fast, and the chances are high that what your professors have taught you is no longer applies in marketing corporate. Your text-books will not guide you in resolving any marketing problem. To survive in the marketing world, you have to figure out yourself what is happening. Just like you did when you needed marketing assignment help in your college days.
  • Focus on the material than irrelevant easy ways: Many fresh marketers think effective marketing campaigning is all about pretty pictures or viral videos or exciting offers. But none of this can do the justice to real application of marketing. Pretty pictures or viral videos will only bring attention towards the brand nut that doesn’t make them loyal customers. Marketing is all about expanding the number of customers. For that, you need genuine content. Content marketers are the best match for the job.
  • Marketing is about making money: those days are gone when marketing was for satisfied feedbacks and sales for revenue. In today’s world marketing and sales department need to work together.

A company or an organization is based on money. The basic requirement is revenue. So how does marketing attract revenue? Well, the new age marketing focuses on digital marketing, a great way to advertise your services without even approaching aggressively. Blogs, Facebook pages, Insta pages and tweets on twitter plays a huge role in engaging customers. Each of these efforts is counted in the sales cycle and return as monetary value.

  • You can be wrong: If you’re willing to be in a marketing career, you have to speak up for your own. There can be times when you thought the exact thing but didn’t say it. Don’t afraid to be wrong, if you have an idea speak up. If you ever needed assignment help from your teacher, were you afraid to ask for it. No, right then why now! If you’re doing an internship or it’s your first job, just open up.

Don’t over think about opinion would be valued or not. Anyone who is capable of inventive thinking matters and if it is wrong you’ll receive a proper judgment. It’s a win-win situation for you.

  • Grow thick skin: Marketers need to deal with customers, clients, social media bushers, negative feedbacks and the list goes on. In the field of marketing, if you’re too emotional and concerned about people and negativity, I’m afraid you can’t last long. A skilled marketer needs to digest all the negative feedbacks as constructive criticism and rotate it into positive results.
  • Networking is really important: If you’ve studied marketing, then you must be aware that it is all about networking. The crucial part of networking is doing it with everyone. Remember the college days, when you needed marketing assignment help, how you gain familiarity with the seniors.
Likewise, if you settled to work with XX Company, don’t just completely ignore Y Company, until and unless they’re true rivals. Even good marketers keep a good rapport with the rival company as well. Maybe that rival company might come down to a partnership. If you stay far-off from fellow companies chances are you might miss the opportunity. The point is, you never know whom you need in the future. Extend your channels as much you can.

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