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Technology has brought a revolution in humanity. The present generation being the e-generation runs on technology and breathes in technology. The discovery of the internet and the mobile phones has literally brought the world into our grasp. While the positive impacts of technology are plenty, the negative impacts cannot be entirely overlooked. Teenagers are the victimized group of the lot. Adverse impacts of technology are far reaching on the young minds. They often fall prey to cyber bullying- one of the greatest evils of the e-generation. The trend of cyber-bullying has affected the western countries and the US mostly. A recent attack launched from the world of cyber bullying is the controversial “Blue-whale challenge” game which originated in Russia. Teenagers mostly have been the victims of this suicide inducing game which has claimed the lives of many. As is evident, the effect of cyber-bullying can be fatal, and in this blog, I am going to discuss cyber-bullying, its consequences and effects as well as a few topic ideas on the very subject for construction of a persuasive essay.


Cyber bullying is a term associated with the tormenting, torturing, harassing, humiliating and embarrassing a person (child or adult) by someone else (child or adult) using any digital technology. It is a dangerous form of bullying where personal information of the victims can be used against him for the sake of ridiculing, threatening or sexual harassment. The rate of cyber bullying has considerably increased since 2010. According to psychologists, in most cases of cyber bullying, the bullies tend to be more depressed than the victims themselves. They might themselves have been the victims of bullying in the past. They might simply be sadists or might want to be the dominants and in control of any situations or might simply be bored. It leads to the bullying nature of them.


Cyber bullying may have disastrous consequences. Victims can be pushed over the edge, and they may ease into depression. In worst cases, they might even commit suicides. Psychological disorders and irrational fears are embedded in the minds of the victims. Cyber bullying not only affects the personality of a child negatively but also leads to stunted mental growth and physical problems as well. A low self-esteem is a prevalent symptom of cyber bullying on children. Their performance in academics naturally drops as a result of this. Further complications are caused by issues of health arising from stress and hypertension. These might have far-reaching consequences. Cyber bullying has become more like a “disease” of the present society. The symptoms of cyber bullying should be observed, and efforts should be made to eradicate the fatal effects of it. Constant monitoring of net usage for teenagers is required.

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Although the physical aspect is more prevalent in the traditional form of bullying, the effects of cyber bullying cannot be denied but. Cyber bullying affects the mental health of an individual to the extent of insanity. It is a much more sinister form of bullying, and it may ruin your mental health to a great extent. Cyber bullying although virtual may harm the individual physically through psychological manipulation. The latest attack of “The Blue Whale Challenge” stands proof to this fact.


Cyber bullying has become a hotbed for discussions in place of the present incidents of increased teen suicides. If you are confused about what topic you should work on for your next persuasive essay, then I would suggest opting for cyber bullying since there is a lot to work on in this subject.



1. Cyber bullying-

This article prominently defines cyber bullying, discussing its effects, signs, and tips for parents to help their children suffering from cyber bullying. The article also links to additional resources for parents, children, and teens. The Nemours Center for Children’s Health Media has published the information given in this article.

2. What is Cyberbullying?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services gives a perfect definition of this term- “Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology.” The article then explains what it meant exactly by the term “electronic technology”. It gives a good overview of the issue including ideas for action against the growing problem.

3. What is Cyberbullying?-

The National Crime Prevention Council had published this article which defines cyberbullying, discusses its effects and offers resources for parents and teens.



4. 8 Reasons why kids cyber bully others-

Sherri Gordon, the author of this blog, provides us with a list of reasons for which cyber bullying occurs. She also mentions a lack of empathy on the part of cyber bullies.

5. Why do people Cyberbully?- is a website which is devoted to finding the origin and cure for cyber bullying. The website mentions the reasons similar to those cited by Gordon while laying a particular emphasis on the factor of anonymity of the user. This element lacks the threat of retaliation encouraging the bullies underlining the fact that bullying is a cowardly act.

6. Why do kids Cyberbully each other?-

This short article deals with the reasons for cyber bullying. Frustration, revenge, boredom etc. are few reasons. The website STOP Cyberbullying also has many other articles which provide advice for dealing with cyber bullies and taking a stand against them.



7. Cyberbullying “Causes Suicidal Thoughts in Kids More Than Traditional Bullying”-

David McNamee is a frequent contributor to Medical News Today, and he brings to our attention a disturbing aspect of cyberbullying- suicidal tendencies among its victims. The main reason behind this is the widespread nature of the internet which exposes the victim to the experience again and again.

8. Bullying and Cyberbullying: History, Statistics, Law, Prevention, and Analysis-

This article describes the history of the problem of bullying and its expansion into cyber bullying with the changes and development in technology. The suggestions for the prevention of cyber bullying is also given in this article.

9. Social Media Cyber Bullying Linked to Teen Depression-

This article published in Scientific American highlights the fact that both the victim and the oppressor of cyber bullying show high levels of depression. Teens who suffer from depression are more likely to get victimized by cyber bullying than those who don’t.



10. Cyberbullying: Intervention and Prevention Strategies-

The authors of this article recommend several measures to reduce the incidence and recurrence of cyber bullying. For the victims and their parents, the authors recommend recording the offending materials, informing the authorities for help, contacting the attacker and most importantly having an open environment at home regarding internet usage. For educators the authors recommend a threat assessment be done and also the implementation of anti-cyber bullying education as [part of the regular curriculum.

11. Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Strategies and Resources-

The Anti Defamation League is a long established organisation that combated anti-Semitism. It has expanded into opposing all forms of defamation and discrimination. This website also contains many other articles which talk about preventive actions against cyber bullying.

12. Cyberbullying: Resources for Intervention and Prevention-

This article was published in the Universal Journal of Education Research which discusses cyber bullying and the ways to fight against the problem. It also presents a picture of the prevention program and the role played by schools in preventing cyber bullying.


This blog is merely the tip of the iceberg for the topic of cyber bullying. I have presented an overview of the idea of cyber bullying. So I would strongly suggest you do some personal research of your own to find out about cyber bullying. And as for topic ideas, I have already mentioned some, and you can always research and find out more topics if you are not satisfied yet. Refer back if you have any doubts. Good luck with your essay!

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