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10 Pop Culture Essay Topics To Pop Your Marks

Pop culture is the trending term for the e-generation. From snippets of conversation that we catch, we often find the use of this term. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of what it means. But I will define it again for your convenience. It is a collection of ideas and perspectives about the mainstream culture especially to that of the 20th and late 21st century. These ideas are influenced by mass media and permeate to the everyday lives of the society. Pop culture influences our daily lives inherently. While it can be easier to name a list of things associated with pop culture, finding a research topic on the same is a catchy task. You need to find a topic of your interest on which you then have to develop a catchy essay all the while keeping in mind the interest of the readers. So it’s an enormous task that you have ahead. Nevertheless, I have compiled a list of a few topics on pop culture which you can write on. Going through the blog, if you are thinking to instruct someone saying, ‘write my essay for me’, then you pay a visit to the website of assignments4u to fulfill your requirement.


Few topics on pop culture are mentioned below for your convenience. Have a look:

1. Feminism and sexism in pop culture-

Objectification of women in the mass media has been a constant topic of debate over the years now. The images prototyping a particular kind of body standards affect the psyche of the entire mass. Has the amount of sexism changed in any way?

2. Marketing and pop culture-

How has marketing become a part of pop culture in recent years? How are the consumer’s behaviour pattern and perceptions about a product affected by marketing?

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3. Pop culture and reality television-

How has reality television influenced the perceptions of viewers? How has it shaped up our viewing habits? Though reality television is mostly regarded as negative, yet there are some who have discovered its positivity.

4. Compare pop culture trends-

An essay on the changing trends of pop culture or a comparison between the past and the present can create an interesting piece.

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5. Pop culture’s reflection on the society-

A good recipe for an interesting piece is to talk about the effect of particular phenomena, in the society. Pop culture has had considerable influence on our society. An essay on this would be interesting. Writing research paper is more tough than writing essay, hence, if you find obstacles in drafting research paper, then find out our website and type, ‘write my paper for me’ in the dashboard to get the unique service.

6. Celebrity worship-

Uninhibited celebrity worship has its effects on our daily lives. It affects our viewing habits, clothing choices and our body image as well.

7. General trends in pop culture-

Although pop culture changes with time, yet there are few integral elements of it which remain the same throughout. For example, the trend of commenting on social injustices and politics through the music of the artists has and always will be prevalent.


8. Pop culture’s promotion of social change-

Pop culture according to common belief is the subject of crazy trends in clothing, hairstyles, etc. However, it is instrumental in social changes as well. Discuss the effects and awareness about social change which the pop culture artists spread through their works.

9. Pop culture across the globe-

Comparison between the pop cultures of two different countries or two separate time periods can be established. You can also discuss the effect of one country’s pop culture on that of another country.

10. The popularity of movies-

There are a few movies which a touch a chord with the masses but are not paid due preferences by the critics. How can the audience love something that is regarded as complete trash by the specialists? It is a common trend in pop culture and would make a fascinating topic for an essay.


The topics mentioned above would serve as excellent ideas for essays. But here are a few more topics in case you are not satisfied with them.

  • The issue of piracy in pop culture.
  • How has social media participated in developing modern tastes and trends?
  • Is there some truth in the statement that certain ideas have been spoiled by fans after becoming overly popular?
  • Is pop culture a manifesto of a generation or is it the other way round?
  • Can pop culture be ever defined by the word “high quality”?
  • How have the phenomena of soap operas declined within the recent years?


Whenever you choose a topic for your essay, make sure that you are interested in it. That will make your essay eye-popping itself. Good luck!

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