Write a Technical Report about “Wireless Sensor Network”


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  • Requirements with respect to WAP and WVD
  • Principle and technology
  • Effective management of the traffic system


Wireless Sensor Network

In the first part you need to design a topology of Wireless Sensor Network for monitoring human activities in a busy public area such as: train station, airport, ferry terminal, university hospital, etc. Provide graphical maps and statistical data about size, node density, ranging resource (energy) usage and health of the WSN infrastructure. To produce maps you can use Google maps, own photos/videos (use your smart phone).e e

When describing and the characteristics of the communication and sensor technology, one needs to identify, and if possible elaborate or validate security threats to WSN security. One needs to discuss the design drivers, constraints, enablers and inhibitors. Also benefits and disadvantages of the proposed set-up need to be discussed. A typical report would include:

Design of the Wireless Sensor Network topology includes:

  • elaboration of requirements, list of WSN components and their characteristics
  • Maps, graphical representations and diagrams, motes/sensor localisation.
  • Optionally, students may use open source WSN simulators to simulate various scenarios that can test the integrity of the WSN topology and obtain the simulation results

Discuss enablers and inhibitors for the proposed WSN topology an technologies

Explain the benefits and disadvantages, explain how a WSN provides benefits that conventional systems can’t in your application of choice.

The Architectural scenario for the Wireless Sensor Network may involve a mesh topology that would allow many possible options; however it is recommended that you design to deploy at least 288 nodes organised into at least 2 WSN fields made of 144 motes. There should be at least 2 hierarchical levels made of at least 12 mote clusters. The topology must support data fusion/aggregation and multi-hoping (routing) mechanisms. Additional marks for innovation might be awarded if original scenarios are proposed, tested and statistical data provided.

B.The second part should cover the rationale behind the choice of sensors used in the topology. Typically this part of the report would include:

  • What is your selected sensor or set of sensors and application?
  • Elaborate what the selected sensor (s) supposed to do in WSN-based application

Discuss range of input and output (for example input in degC output in microV for a thermocouple)

Elaborate on linearization issues?

Discuss what is the accuracy/stability desired (i.e., over what temperature range is this accuracy or stability required?

Discuss what sensitivity is required

Describe what is the impedance at the output

Comment on the error sources in the transducer, single ended output, differential output, noise considerations, offsetting required?

Supplementary data sheets

Typical applications

Other comments?


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