Write an Report about Strategic Management


Macro-External Environment

Industry Attractiveness



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The Task – Learning Outcome 1 

You are to write a report on your chosen business which gives examines the key trends and “dimensions of the external and internal contexts in which both the strategy … and the strategy process are embedded’

You are to write:

A strategic position review which 

Introduces the business  by giving a brief background  (key points of the  history of organization, an overview of its structure, the scope of the organization and any other relevant information)

An external environmental analysis which focuses on the environmental factors that affect the strategic aspects of the business. In this analysis you need to both identify the factors and explain their significance to the business.

  • Macro-External Environment   (using the PESTEL Tool)
  • Industry competitive environment (using Porters 5 Forces)
  • Competitor Analysis (using Strategic Groups)



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