Write an essay about Intercultural Sydney


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Findings with Theoretical Background


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Intercultural Sydney

a situation where intercultural communication takes place and show how it is used. You may want to pick an intercultural event and attend it yourselves, and interview others who also visit the event. In the end, connect your findings to a theoretical framework. Your summary needs to reflect your research method and has to be referenced.

Intercultural Sydney Criteria 

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate the disciplinary knowledge of the meaning of ‘culture’, and reflect that knowledge in an awareness of students’ own cultural identity and development of intercultural empathy
  • Identify, interpret and communicate the broad and specific arguments contributing to intercultural knowledge and experience.
  • Apply the theoretical modes of understanding the broad arguments underpinning the key theories, to everyday life
  • Apply intercultural theory and research techniques to specific field work


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