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Communications and change management


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Your Case Study organisation’s CEO says they now want all software development and maintenance to be outsourced; this includes existing systems as well as new systems. Your job is now to assist in that process through undertaking the following tasks:

TASK 1.01 Journal

Start a new journal so you can keep a log of activities undertaken in this project. Your columns should include item reference number, date of entry, activity name, activity description, responsibility, outstanding issues, open or closed, and notes. You should make an entry every time you do any work on your assignment.


TASK 1.02 Objectives

Write the Project Objectives (i.e. what might the CEO be trying to achieve via outsourcing – do research on the pros and cons of outsourcing. Outline the different outsourcing delivery models the CEO might want to consider using as part of the solution).


TASK 1.03 Scope Statement

Write a Project Scope Statement,list and describe what could be outsourced and expected service bundles the outsourcer would be expected to deliver.



Outline how you will approach your outsourcing project through developing a WBS. For each task or work package show the expected duration and the role and organisation (e.g. internal IT operations, IT delivery, commercial, legal, external outsourcer legal etc.)that will perform each task.


TASK 1.05 Project Plan

Draft a Gantt chart project plan for the Outsourcing project. You can do this in an MSWord table, or use other tools and then copy into a Word document as an embedded object.



Draft the Executive Summary and Table of Contents only for your RFT. You will need to find examples on the internet.


TASK 1.07 Evaluation Methodology

Prepare a document to explain to potential suppliers how Tenders will be evaluated including the culling criteria to select a short-list for more detailed evaluation. Include a list of the KPIs and SLAs you would expect the outsourcer to deliver the services to. You will need to research KPIs and SLAs.


TASK 1.08 Communications and change management

This project may have significant impacts on internal stakeholders. Prepare a briefing note for the project’s Organisational change and Training Team identifying the stakeholders, their interest and potential impacts of the project on them. Your report should cover People, Structure/organisation, Technology and Equipment, Processes/services (use these as sub-headings) and make recommendations on how these business impacts can be managed.


TASK 1.09 Report to CEO

Presume you have completed the project and found a suitable solution(s) and supplier(s). Write a one-page report to the CEO. This report at a minimum should include the objectives, background, processes undertaken, solutions evaluated and recommendations to the CEO. You will need to simulate some of this information since you will not actually advertise an RFT, you need to imagine what you might have done to get to this point.


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