Describe How the Marketing Environment affects a Firm’s Strategy


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Marketing Course Assignment

For an organisation of your choice (a product or service provider is equally acceptable) conduct a marketing audit on the organisation.

Your audit should contain the following:

1.A situational analysis including organisational goals, context and competitor activity.

2.A review of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

3.The establishment of marketing objectives that support the organisational goals set out in section 1.

4.The development of outline marketing activities (4Ps or 7Ps) including a planning timetable to support the objectives set in section 3.

5.A conclusion outlining the benefits to the organisation that will result from the implementation of the marketing activity contained in the audit.

The learning outcomes for this assignment are:

Understand the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning

Describe how the marketing environment affects a firm’s strategy

Describe the role of marketing within service firms

Analyse the marketing mix


These final two chapters of the book whilst different in focus will give students a clear overview of the world of service marketing which is important in the UK economy and new media which has seen perhaps the biggest change in the marketing environment in the last fifteen years and continues to do so.


Marketing Services

In the chapter on marketing services you will see that it is somewhat different to marketing products. Whilst all of the main product marketing activities are required in service areas there are also some additional ones we need to consider to ensure that the service the customer is anticipating is ultimately delivered.

Should you choose to review a service or not-for- profit business in your end of module project this reading will be important in contextualising what unique aspects of marketing you need to cover, such as process and the people that deliver the service.


Direct and Digital Marketing

Direct marketing and digital marketing are now an accepted part of the Marketing Manager’s tool kit. Their role within the marketing mix is now fundamental and it is critical that students of marketing understand the way new media works and the broader business objectives it can help support.

The reading considers the range of tools and techniques within the field of digital direct marketing and e-marketing to help organisations differentiate themselves from the competition. This reading will help you in your end of module project as marketing audits will need to take into account a competitor’s digital activity as well as how this forms part of any organisations promotional plans.

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