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Statement of potential Marketing Communication problems

Statement of Marketing Communication Objectives


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The Problem

You are the Marketing Communication Manager for a local chain of fast-food restaurants, Burger Hut and a range of new products will be launched soon (use your imagination!).

Your Managing Director has tasked you to come up with a marketing communication plan that recommends how the company can uses various communication tools to introduce this/these new product/s in the market.


The IMC Plan

1. Executive Summary

2. Environmental Scanning/Situation Analysis

(SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis +Statement of Problems)

3. Statement of Marcomm Objectives

4. Recommendation & Implementation of IMC Tactics: IMC Elements

5. Proposed Methods of Control & Evaluation


Environmental Scanning

  • Provide Burger Hut’s Company History (Internal Environment, including operational details such as number of outlets, number of staff, country of origin etc)
  • Use your IMAGINATION!


Environmental Scanning

  • Perform simple SWOT Analysis including Competitor Analysis


  • Statement of potential Marcomm Problems e.g:

1. Lack of brand awareness

2. Negative country of origin effects

3. Intense competition from other fast-food chains

4. Uninspired products

5. Lack of advertising or sales promotions (no coupons, games etc)


Marcomm Objectives

Statement of Marketing Communications Objectives that should address & solve the problems (What we want to achieve with communications)E.g:

1.To reposition Burger Hut’s brand to appeal to families & youths

2. To raise new product awareness: e.g. Kaiju Burger, Bulgogi Burger, Curry Burger via advertising

3. To build a strong brand identity through public relations

4.To increase sales of new range of products via sales promotions

5.To introduce new mascot: McCurry Man!??


Marcomm Strategy & Implementation

  • Profile/Describe Targeted Customers for the new product: e.g. Teens, Kids, Families & their media habits (important!)
  • Briefly describe/show new Products
  • Briefly list selling Prices
  • Briefly describe intended Positioning Strategy (Learnt from Marketing Principles)
  • Then…
  • Recommended IMC Tools: i.e. advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, PR etc…
  • Must elaborate on how these tools will be used!


Proposed Marcomm Implementation

E.g. 1. Advertising: Describe Advertising in local media, Product placements in local TV shows

E.g. 2. Personal Selling: Sincere, Service-oriented, More service training?
E.g. 3. Public Relations & Publicity: Charity events, Sponsorship, road shows???
E.g. 4. Sales Promotions: Coupons, Samples, Premiums, Lucky Draws, Burger-eating contest, Point-of-purchase…renovate and develop frontage with vibrant colors
E.g. 5. Direct/Interactive Marketing: Social Media, Blogs, Downloadable menu from Burger Hut’s website, Interactive delivery service


Evaluation & Control

Ensure that you are on the right track

Allow detection of errors & corrective action

Indicators of success or failure and must be monitored and linked to Objectives:

1.Sales Revenue/Units Sold (- or +)

2.Customers feedback

3.Media Publicity Generated

4.Competitor activities/ sales

5.Brand awareness levels/feedback

6.Customer Response to Sales Promotion Activities


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