Write an assignment about Human Resource Manager


Importance of Human Resource Development in the Organization


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This assignment focuses on the topics in learning outcomes 1:

As Human resource management becomes more business and  strategically focused the Human Resource Manager is instrumental in initiating and driving business strategy.

Critically analyse three(3) roles that a human resource manager requires to be successful in the international and diverse operations in the hospitality industry


Introduction:Clearly describes overall approach that the discussion with follow.Sets out the structure of the essay in a clear and concise fashion.Provides sound justification for selection of the three roles of the human resource manager in the hospitality industry.


The critique and analysis:An in depth critique of the selected HR Manager roles with sound justification.Presents strong relevance of the roles to the hospitality industry.Uses a selection of strong evidence from scholarly and professional literature to defend your position.The analysis is highly relevant to the hospitality industry.



Scholarly Excellence:Authoritative and professional discussion.


Essay reflects analysis synthesis and evaluation:Rationale is explicit.Discussion is contextualised to the hotel industry throughout.Discussion is critical and evaluative throughout.Publications and research used to support position are diverse and relevant.


Conclusion:Provides strong justification of the predominant findings from the literature that support the three selected roles with sound justification of its relevance to the hospitality industry.


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