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Address why it is important to include each summary statistic in your explanation


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Data has been collected on four different skull measurements from Egyptian males living in the area of the Great Pyramids from five different time periods: 4000BC, 3300BC, 1850BC, 200BC and 150AD. The number of skulls collected from each time period is 30, so there is data available from a total of 150 Egyptian males.

The four skull measurements (mm) have been abbreviated as follows:

MB: Maximum Breadth across the skull.

BH: Basibregmatic Height from base of the jaw to the top of the skull.

BL: Basialveolar Length from the back of the skull to the front.

NH: Nasal Height from the jaw to the base of the nose.


Q1. Create an Excel spread sheet to present summary statistics (mean, median and mode) for 4000BC & 150AD Skulls data. Include a printed copy of the formulas used to calculate the summary statistics and attach this to your assignment.

For assistance with producing summary statistics using Excel refer to the Mean, Median and Mode in Excel document. This can be found on the Learning Place (Course Documents/Term 4/Assignment/Mean, Median and Mode in Excel)


Q2. Demonstrate your understanding of the mean, median and mode by providing an explanation of each statistic and relating each to the skulls data. Address why it is important to include each summary statistic in your explanation. You need to write a minimum of 3 sentences on each summary statistic in your own words.


Q3. A discovery of a skull has been reported and the historians would like to know if they can confidently predict that a random skull belonged to either 4000BC or 150AD. The only measurement available is the maximum breadth (MB) of the skull, which was 128 mm.

Use parallel boxplots for the Maximum Breadth to solve the above problem by providing evidence and indicating supportive arguments to mathematically justify your decisions.

For assistance with producing boxplots using Geogebra refer to the Creating Boxplots in Geogebra document. This can be found on the Learning Place (Course Documents/Term 4/Assignment/Creating Boxplots in Geogebra)


Q4. The following question has been presented by historians:”Have the dimensions of skulls altered significantly over the time period 4000BC to today?” (Use the data collected from all 5 time periods, across all measurements, plus the current student data from your peers in MB).

Using data collected from your peers determine the validity of the above question.

Current data can be found on the Learning Place (Course Documents/Term 4/Assignment/Skull Data – Student – 2015)


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