Write an assignment about Dimensions of Quality


  • Safety dimension
  • Effectiveness dimension


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Discuss all of the following five dimensions of quality associated with your chosen nursing intervention:

Safety dimension:

That clients are safe in the environment with the intervention they receive.All potential safety risks are identified and systems developed to eliminate or minimize the risks.This may be achieved through audits,incident interview,complaints review,education,resources and tools.


Effectiveness dimension:

That client’s benefit from the intervention they receive.To evaluate this,outcome measures need to be used.A range of measures appropriate to the intervention should be considered.Measures inciude,Clinical Indications client satisfaction surveys,Client complaint process.


Appropriateness dimension:

That the intervention occurs for patients/clients at the appropriate time.Examples include use of clinical pathways,standardised assessments ;client care plans;client record audits;patient/

That the intervention meets the needs and expectations of a range of anticipated patients/clients/consumers. This may be achieved through community and consumer consultation; complaints monitoring; client satisfaction surveys and focus groups; staff professional development.


Continuous improvement dimension

That the intervention is continually improved. Suggests at least one possible improvement identified from the literature and provide supportive evidence of your suggestion.


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