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Role of management in planned change

Understanding the role of change agent


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Assignment title

Identify an area of practice where change would lead to improved patient outcomes whereby nurses are likely to be involved in various quality improvement and patient safety activities. Effective managers are crucial in implementing this change.Plan a management intervention to implement this change.Analyse the management role and change process in this implementation.How does your organizational strategy influence the implementation of these changes?

Aim of assignment:

This assignment offers you the opportunity to analyse management and change within your area of practice drawing from the extensive literature in the field of management to support your critical discussion.

Assignment guidelines:

Introduce your area of practice and what all are the issues currently having

demonstrate how management theory can be used to improve practice and patient outcomes.An analysis of the management role should be clearly linke to desired improvements in patient care.

The critical discussion should  include a rationale for your chosen intervention ,and should address key issues such as organizational strategy \,change management,leadership styles etc affecting the change process.Reference to the relevant literature is essential.

The plan should include all stages of the planning process with clearly stated outcomes ,methods of evaluation and implementation.

The assignment must show the relevance and appropriateness of your management plan to your practice setting.

Discuss the following

  • what were the reasons behind the change
  • what was the purpose/goal of the change
  • what actually happened/and why?
  • what was your role in that change?
  • How did the change impact you and how did you feel?
  • what would you have done differently?


Objectives clearly defined for management of quality nursing care


Relevant,accurate and well integrated in terms of management strategy and leadership

Analytical and discussed in depth the plan for the successful management of change of practice

Wide evidence of literature use and correct referencing


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