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How the image helps me to understand the image.


As I said on the first day of class, a historian is a detective. The pictures that you  what you, as a detective, learn from these clues. In particular, you should do two things:

1. You should tell me what you learn about the specific era or time period from the picture. If it is a picture from World War II, for example, you should find at least FOUR good observations to make about World War II based on the picture. Please keep that last part in mind. If your entire discussion is simply a list of facts that you know about World War II, and has little or nothing to do with analyzing the specific content of the picture, you will not do well.

2. You should describe at least TWO ways that the picture fits into the "big picture" of American history. That is to say, what larger themes/trends is the picture or passage a part of?

As you work to do BOTH of these things for your chosen picture, I encourage you to pay attention to details. Sometimes small details are the most important ones. You should also make certain to be thoughtful and creative. There really isn't such a thing as a wrong answer. If the picture puts an idea into your head, go with it. Just explain what it is about the picture that gave you that idea.

Part 1:

How the image helps me to understand the image. Please say 4 ideas with 4 evidences based on the picture.

Part 2: 

Connect this image to the larger things. Please say 2 large themes or anything with 4 idea  or data

point for each theme.


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