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How financial decision making has impacted my career


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Journal Report

This week you will have the opportunity to reflect back on what you have learned during the module, and how you plan to apply this new-found knowledge, as you write your Journal Report.

When writing your Journal Report, please consider the following:

  • The Journal Entries you submitted to the Journal each fortnight
  • Has your learning from this module resulted in changed behaviour/performance/perspectives? In what areas – Study/Work/Home life? Give specific examples
  • Has it helped your career? How – be specific
  • Is there room for further development in any of the topics covered?


Module Home

In this module we will be embarking on a Learning Journey which focuses around quantitative information and how it can be used, in various guises, to facilitate effective managerial decision making.

Of course, we are attempting to put ‘pure objectivity’ around any decision making process, but this will only go so far, and the reason why is simple (if only!); the various aspects of inevitable human intervention.


This module aims to:

  • Introduce students to the concepts, techniques, and methods of financial decision-making issues facing managers;
  • Develop an understanding of the various analytical models and enable students to select and apply these approaches to real world problems;
  • Understanding and applying the decision-making process;
  • Focus on how to make better financial decisions in a business environment.


On completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Apply understanding of quantitative decision making techniques
  • Critically evaluate the most appropriate forecasting model for specific business needs
  • Analyse and calculate problems using mathematical and statistically based tools and techniques
  • Critically assess decision making management software programs, websites, and associations for their usefulness as information resources


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