What Tissues must be Cut Through in Order to Get to the Ductus Deferens?


Which tissues must be closed on the way out?


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1st Assignment

Assignment Male Reproductive System

1. Study the male reproductive system in your text and look up vasectomy


2. Describe the pathway that the sperm travel from the seminiferous tubules through the external urethral meatus.  Include every subpart of journey.


3. Describe the procedure that is used to stop the sperm from exiting the urethra; preventing fertilization during intercourse.  Be specific.  Include:


a. What tissues must be cut through in order to get to the ductus deferens?   You will need to do a bit of research on typical vasectomy surgery.


b. The duct that is severed.


c. The method used to close off the duct so no sperm can escape.


d. Which tissues must be closed on the way out?


e. What vessels/structures (there are 3) in the area must not be severed in the process?


2nd Assignment

Assignment Female Reproductive System Menses Hormones

1. Study the female reproductive system in your text.


2. Describe the how the endocrine system is involved in the onset of the menstrual phase of the uterus (uterine cycle).

In other words record what hormones and changes in systemic hormone levels trigger menses.  Be specific.  Include the following words if they apply.

a. Menses


b. Estrogen


c. Progesterone


d. Human chorionic gonadotropin  (HCG)


e. Inhibin


f. Luteinizing hormone (LH)


g. Follicle stimulating hormone FSH)


h. Hypothalamus


i. Anterior pituitary


j. Posterior pituitary


k. Ovulation


l. Corpus luteum


m. Corpus Albicans


n. Report which day of the uterine cycle this occurs and how long menses typically lasts.


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