What tactics will use you implement to achieve the campaign’s goals?

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A discussion of all of United's San Francisco area stakeholders


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For the public relations final project, I would like you to do something similar.  What I would like for you to do is to design a public relations plan that highlights United Air Lines’ corporate social responsibility efforts to San Francisco Bay Area residents.  Given that United Air Lines has SFO as one of its hub airports, it is important that San Francisco area residents understand the impact of United Air Lines’ corporate social responsibility efforts.



–An Overview of United Air Lines


–An in-depth review of United’s corporate social responsibility efforts


–A discussion of all of United’s San Francisco area stakeholders (briefly describe all audiences they are connected to in San Francisco and why they are important; this can be a bulleted list)


–A brief summary of what United is currently doing to promote their corporate social responsibility efforts based on a review of their online communication efforts, Internet searches, and reviewing the airline’s website broadly.


Goals and Objectives 

–Discuss what your overall goal for this campaign is and then demonstrate how you will reach that goal with awareness, attitude, and behavior objectives.


–In discussing each of the objectives, you’ll also want to pay attention to KPIs that you would use to measure the success of the plan.


Strategy and Tactics (6-8 pages)

–Identify 2-3 key stakeholders that you are going to design the United Air Lines’ SFO corporate social responsibility public relations plan around; these stakeholders should also be reflected in your specific objectives in section two; discuss them in-depth so that you highlight their media preferences, where they get information from, who they are, personality/psycho graphics.  This information will help you develop the specific strategy that you’ll use to inform them about United’s efforts.


–Identify the strategy that you’ll use to educate the stakeholders that you’ve identified as being important for this campaign and describe how you will carry out that strategy.  What messages will you use?  Is there a theme to get people connected to the campaign?


Public Relations Plan 

–What tactics will use you implement to achieve the campaign’s goals?  Use at least six tactics and provide samples of them.


–You should have a written narrative of the plan that also incorporates a Gantt chart/timeline for a six-month campaign as well as a budget of up to $100,000 for the effort.



–With this section you should revisit the goals and objectives with the KPIs from section #2 and then provide specific actions that you would carry out to determine the success of the campaign.


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