What Specific Role does Logistics Play in Supply Chain Operations?


Collaboration is a fundamental part of Supply Chain Management


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True/False Choice

Identify (circle) TRUE/FALSE choice that best completes the statement or answers the following:

1.The internet has increased business-to-business connectivity.


2.Perfect orders are limited to firms committed to integrated supply chain


3.Supply Chain Management promotes a network of highly efficient independent


4.There are eight critical supply chain processes


5.Collaboration is a fundamental part of Supply Chain Management.


6.A third party service supplier is also a public warehouse.


7.Geographic postponement is directly linked to dependable delivery.


8.Increased operational responsiveness is directly related to information technology.


9.Enterprise extension is a diversification strategy.


10.Vertical integration and supply chain extension are essentially the same concepts.




1.What specific role does logistics play in supply chain operations?

2.Describe and illustrate an integrated service provider. How does the concept of inte­grated service provider differ from traditional service providers, such as for-hire trans­portation and warehousing?

3.Compare and contrast anticipatory and responsive business models. Why has respon­siveness become popular in supply chain strategy and collaboration?

4.Define and illustrate cash-to-cash conversion, dwell time minimization, and cash spin. How do supply chain strategy and structure impact each?



1.Discuss how reverse logistics can create value.


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