What sources of funding does the organization receive?

Discussion of Evidence-Based Literature


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A) Purpose of the organisation

[To assist refugees and migrants in Queensland ; mission-Create and convey the new model of far-reaching self-maintaining administrations to Group., values-Respect
Creativity / Innovation
, philosophy or guiding principles?]


B) Services Provided
[Settlement, language support, aged and disability, Child, youth and family and engagement. Involve groups or community work; over what period of time, face to face, phone, online, home visit? Could a prospective service user or practitioner understand from the website what exactly the agency does? Is there information about whether there are waiting lists, or fees for the services? Are application forms on the site?


C) Client group/s
[targets refugees and migrants in Australia? Is there information about eligibility i.e. who can access services, from which suburbs/locations?]


D) Organisational structure
[How is the organisation governed, managed and staffed?]


E) Funding
[What sources of funding does the organization receive?]


F) Information provided about social issues/ problems relevant to the services of the agency
[What types of information are provided on the website targeted at a) clients, and b) practitioners about the social issues and problems that the agency aims to address? Is this information suitable for the intended audience? Are there any problems you can identify with the amount, type, or format of the information provided?]


G) Theoretical Approach e.g. Social Justice, Empowerment, Anti-Oppressive, Strengths-based
[Is it clear from the website what theoretical approaches/ models/ perspectives are used? Are rights of clients and workers started?]


H) Discussion of Evidence-Based Literature –

• [Find THREE quality peer-reviewed articles relevant to the needs of the client group and services of the agency (evidence-based literature)
• Give a rationale for why the articles are relevant to the client group and the services of the agency

• Summarise the key points of the articles about interventions and practice approaches relevant to the needs of this client group
• Discuss whether the information from the agency website about the organisation and its services aligns with the information and recommendations made about best practice in evidence-based literature]



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