What organizational areas will require change for ABC publishing to transition from the existing setup to the desired state

Analyze a business situation and develop a logical business system model


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Tasks and Learning Outcomes

LO 1: Understand how an organization may describe its desired strategy, define the changes required to deliver it and structure these into clear initiatives.


LO 2: Analyze a business situation and develop a logical business system model.



LO 3: Consider different methods of modelling business processes and gathering requirements and use appropriately.


LO 4: Identify alternative ways to deliver business solutions and logically compare them to arrive at a recommended way forward.


Case study: Organizational Strategies, Transition, and Requirement Analysis

ABC publishing LTD is a successful book and magazine publishing business that is looking to expand its capabilities into other publishing media such as radio, television, and on-line. As part of this expansion process, management at ABC Publishing have proposed a training program to improve basic computing skills in word-processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases, email, and internet usage, for all the employees of the organization. Assume that you have issued a Computer Skills Survey to employees to elicit training requirements, and that you have collated responses from 100 employees within the organization. The 10 survey questions and the responses are listed in the tables below.

Use the data provided in the survey results to analyze the training requirements for ABC publishing. Come up with a strategy to decide what level of expertise this organization should have for each of the six applications listed in the survey. For example, you may want all employees to be at a minimum of advanced level for Word, Outlook, and Internet Explorer, and at a minimum level of Intermediate for PowerPoint, Access, and Excel.



You are required to submit an MS word or pdf document responding to the following points mentioned in Task 1 and Task 2. You can use Microsoft Excel, R-language, or any other analysis tool to perform the required analysis. Please copy graphs and charts as a picture instead of taking screenshots.  Explain and comment on the chart wherever required. Properly caption each figure in the document. Use APA 6 style for referencing and citations.


Task 1: Requirement Analysis

1. Report of the desired strategy that ABC publishing intends to use to exploit other areas of publishing?


2.What organizational areas will require change for ABC publishing to transition from the existing setup to the desired state?


3.In addition to the requirements elicited by the survey, what applications (other than the six mentioned), would be required to introduce in the organization in order to transition the organization to the goal state?


4.Suppose that the management of ABC publishing agrees in initiating a single integrated and comprehensive training program for every staff of the organization, what implication do you see of this decision on the employee of the organization?


5.Who are the key stakeholders which you will consult during this process? Complete the stakeholder register. Use any template of your choice. It must include basic information, influence, power, authority, and category of each stakeholder.


6.Critique the survey- can you identify strengths and weaknesses in this survey as a method of eliciting requirements?


7.Relate/map this elicitation activity to the Business Analysis Concept Model? Comment on the edges and nodes of the model.


8.For more detailed Requirement Analysis, what alternate techniques other than the given questionnaire would you recommend could have been used to elicit requirements?

Question 1:

What is your role with ABC publishing?


Response count

Executive/ Manager 5
Project Manager 6
Team Leader 13
System Analyst 2
Business Analyst 1
Web Developer 35
Graphic Designer 25
Administrator 10
Other 3
Answered questions 100


Question 2:

Which of the following qualification do you have?


Response count

Higher secondary school ( computing as a subject ) 9
Open office certification 10
CompTIA Certification 2
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 0
Certified in computing discipline 11
Diploma in computing discipline 12
Degree in computing discipline 20
Others 18
Answered questions 82
Skipped questions 18


Question 3:

What standard do you consider yourself to be for each of the following:












Response count

Microsoft word 4 47 42 5 2 100
Microsoft PowerPoint 22 48 25 3 0 98
Microsoft Access 46 30 14 1 1 92
Microsoft Excel 12 51 27 6 0 96
Microsoft Outlook 18 44 29 6 1 98
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 35 42 6 5 99
Answered questions 100
Skipped questions 0


Question 4:

How many years’ experience do you have in each of the following:




Less than one

One to two Three to four More than four  

Response count

Microsoft word 0 3 1 15 81 100
Microsoft PowerPoint 12 13 17 11 47 100
Microsoft Access 31 28 11 5 23 98
Microsoft Excel 4 6 15 8 67 100
Microsoft Outlook 14 10 12 12 51 99
Microsoft Internet Explorer 0 7 14 14 65 100
Answered questions 100
Skipped questions 0


Question 5:

How often do you use each of the following?


All the time

Often Sometimes Hardly ever Never  

Response count

Microsoft word 77 16 6 0 99
Microsoft PowerPoint 10 17 38 11 76
Microsoft Access 46 26 20 4 96
Microsoft Excel 9 7 14 34 64
Microsoft Outlook 52 11 7 18 88
Microsoft Internet Explorer 65 20 9 2 96
Answered questions 99
Skipped questions 1


Question 6:

The HR Dept. has secured courses in Microsoft Office applications. What type of training do you require:



Intermediate Advanced I don’t need training in this application   

Response count

Microsoft word 1 9 49 36 95
Microsoft PowerPoint 14 20 40 20 94
Microsoft Access 35 21 24 15 95
Microsoft Excel 6 17 57 16 96
Microsoft Outlook 13 12 33 39 97
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 14 35 44 97
Answered questions 99
Skipped questions 1


Question 7:

Please select from the following list typical tasks that you perform in your job (tick all that apply):


Response count

Writing reports 90
Writing letters 47
Statistical analysis 50
Collecting data 75
Desktop publishing 7
Making presentations 55
Record keeping 70
Sending and receiving emails 97
Looking up information on the Internet 81
Backing up data 33
Creating web pages 49
Others 18
Answered questions 100
Skipped questions 0


Question 8:

Please select your preferred method of training?


Response count

e-Learning only 9
Classroom only 15
Blend of e-Learning and Classroom 76
Answered questions 100
Skipped questions 0


Question 9:

Indicate what time frame you would like to have training take place for each of the following:



Within four weeks Within three months Anytime- I’m flexible  

Response count

Microsoft word 0 11 20 44 75
Microsoft PowerPoint 1 11 23 45 80
Microsoft Access 9 14 26 39 87
Microsoft Excel 1 12 22 49 83
Microsoft Outlook 1 10 19 45 75
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2 6 18 49 75
Answered questions 100
Skipped questions 0


Question 10:

Please list any other areas of training that you would like to participate in?

Applications Response count
Human Resource Management/ Statistical Analysis 9
Advanced PL/SQL 20
Multimedia 21
Presentation skills 12
Training in web design 14
Oracle 44
Adobe creative suit 45
Microsoft project 39
Statistical package such as SPSS 49
UML 45
Flash 49
Microsoft Visio 12
Programming 14
Advance data base design 44
Mobile commerce 45
Answered questions 100
Skipped questions 0



Task 2: Analyzing a Business Situation

1.Analyze the data for central tendency measures such as arithmetic mean, geometric mean, mode, and median. Apply it to at least two questions in the survey.


2.Analyze the data for measure of dispersions by using variance and/or standard deviation analysis. Apply it to at least two questions in the survey.


3.Analyze the data for finding out the odd results using boxplot analysis. Apply this analysis to at least two questions in the survey.


4.Analyze the data for correlation analysis on at least one pair of questions from survey responses


5.Analyze the data visually using histogram, bar chart, and scatter plot. Perform this analysis on at least 5 questions of the survey.


6.Write a page long summary of the analysis performed on the survey data.


7.What would your main recommendations be as a result of your Requirement Analysis of training needs in ABC publishing?



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