What is the Nurse’s Role in Providing Psychosocial Care to a Patient Who has Just Received a Sudden Traumatic Diagnosis?


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What are the legal requirements for withdrawing consent?


Read the Scenario in the attachment to know more about Justin Smith

Part 1

You are on an afternoon shift on a colorectal ward, and have been allocated to care for Justin, a 37-year-old man who will be having an open abdominoperineal resection the following morning.


What is an abdominoperineal resection and what are the indications for the procedure?

Learning Issue 1

After your initial assessment and discussion with your patient, you are approached by the RN in charge of the unit, who asks you to commence Justin’s surgical preparation.

Trigger 2

What is involved in preparing a patient for colorectal surgery?

Learning Issue 2

A couple of hours later, you go to check on Justin’s progress. Justin appears quite distressed and says: ‘I’ve got this friend who got a clot in her leg after a small operation and this other friend who got a chest infection after knee surgery & had to stay in hospital longer and was off work for ages. My operation seems to be so much bigger than their operations. Does this mean these things are going to happen to me? What’s going on to stop it’?

Trigger 3

What are some respiratory complications that pose a risk to the patient in the post-operative period?

Learning Issue 3

It is now 2000hrs and you review Justin. You note that his family has left, and Justin appears to be overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.‘The surgeon came in to visit and he said something about a stoma and the biopsy says I’ve got cancer. I don’t know how to deal with this news. How am I going to be able to take care of my family? How am I going to be able to be normal? I know my life is never going to be the same again’.

Trigger 4

What is the nurse’s role in providing psychosocial care to a patient who has just received a sudden traumatic diagnosis?

Learning Issue 4

After spending time with Justin and discussing the procedure to ensure he is informed, Justin says‘I’m not sure I want to have this procedure any more, there’s just too many things going on. I want to go home’.

Trigger 5

What are the legal requirements for withdrawing consent?

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