What Dimensions of the Job should be Appraised and Why?


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Job Analysis-Based Performance Appraisal



Review the document titled “Job Analysis-Based Performance Appraisal”, in order to provide a response to the following question: What type of appraisal (evaluative, summative, or formative) should be done and why? What dimensions of the job should be appraised (behaviors and/or results) and why?


Review your company’s training and development program, and provide a synopsis of what is offered. (Consider the classes, the times, the outcomes, and the opportunity for feedback.) If possible, determine the budget for training and development. Further, discuss areas in which you would like additional training, if provided.

On this question. I picked, the military.  You can use the department of defense for this question. If it is easier to pick a branch. Army will be the ideal.  Very simple at the lowest echelon if it will make it easier and less complicated. And please provide the reference used. Make sure to use the in-text reference is used in text and also at the end.


What are the four levels of training evaluation outlined in the text? Apply this framework as a means of critically evaluating the typical ROI realized by your current firm relative to training initiatives.


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