What are the Main Functions of Sport in Our Culture?


Deter young people from participating in crime


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Please write an essay on one of the following topics.

1.What are the main functions of sport in our culture?

2.What are the main challenges that ethnic groups face in multicultural Australia?

3.Is religion a cohesive or divisive force in the contemporary world?

4.Aside from education, what functions do universities play in society?

5.In what ways has feminism impacted one of the following: a) family; b) work; or c) education.

6.How might the labelling of activities as ‘deviant’ serve as forms of social control? Use one or more examples from crime, suicide, alcoholism, wearing the hijab, obesity, prostitution or homosexuality.

7.How might sociological understandings of power relate to issues such as terrorism, privacy, or identity?

8.Are we witnessing the demise of the importance of nation-states in the face of globalisation?


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