Whale Wars: Politics, Science, and the World’s Largest Mammal


Principles of human flourishing

Specific action to achieve common goal


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This assignment is about two topics; you should choose which one you wanna talk about?

1. Whale Wars:Politics,Science,and the World’s largest Mammal

2. No Child’s Play:Children in Immigration Detention


Learning Outcome 1: Explain the concept of the ‘common good’ and present examples of the common good in action;

Learning Outcome 2: present a critical account of a topic or issue in social justice;


1.Description and explanation of the issue as one which affects the common good.

2.Description and explanation of three stakeholders’ perspectives in relation to the issue.

3.Critical analysis of the perspectives in relation to the principles of human flourishing and the achievement of common good.

4 Critical reflection on how the common good may best be served.


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