Topic Analysis on Evaluation Methods


Program logic approach

Risk and protective factors


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Assessment : Expression of Interest 


  • Summary of key objectives of the evaluation and the outcomes the service seeks to achieve
  • Summary of program logic approach used to guide your evalution

Program Logic:

  • Vision/Objectives
  • Risk and Protective factors
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Short term outcomes
  • Longer term outcomes
  • Underpinning context and assumptions

Evaluation Methods:

  • Description and rationale for chosen methods
  • The measure or indicators used
  • Identification of any limitations or caveats

Evaluation milestones and resources:

Note this component will be exception marked. You will start with 4 marks for your milestones or key stages and timeframes for the evaluation – and marks will only be deducted if you do not identify all key stages, your sequencing is not logical or this does not match the stated timeframes for completion of the evaluation project. Similarly you will start with 3 marks for your budget, and marks will only be deducted if you do not include all the costs you have identified in your proposal, this does not add up correctly or the total exceeds the amount of funding that is available.


Written expression and structure



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