Select a Design Topic and Produce Some Preliminary Designs on the Theme


  • Reflection of design
  • Feedback collection methods
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In this project you will be required to gain feedback from potential users of a design.

In week one we agreed on a range of themes that you could work on. You need to select a design topic and produce some preliminary designs on the theme. This could, for example, be a layout for a poster or drawings for a spatial design. Here are the themes that you chose:

• Design for a user group; playground; skate park or usable products (19 votes)

• A poster, movie or information (16 votes)

• Book or catalogue, music, photography or typography; possibly an online version (15 votes)


These were the most popular choices, but you could still negotiate an alternative if you have good reasons.


What you are attempting to find out is how effective is the design at achieving its objectives.


Have an idea ready for what you would like to use as a subject for your design and we will work out a plan in class.


Assessment will be based on your understanding of the process, what reading you have done on asking effective questions and effective management of information gathering


You will work in teams, but write individual reports. Reports can be in outline form and use dot points, they will not be assessed on literary style, but their ability to communicate what you have done and what you have learned.


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