Relational Dialectics and Long Distance Relationship


Applications of relational dialectic on long distance relationships


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Rationale: No matter how skilled we become as communicators, there is always room for increased understanding and improvement. The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for you to work closely with a specific communication theory covered in class and readings. The goals of this project are: 1) to gain a deeper understanding of a communication theory (beyond the book), 2) to apply your research about that theory to a “real life” situation or scenario in order to increase your understanding of a communicative aspect of your life, and 3) to think critically about the theory and how it can further be applied.


Part 1: Title Page 


Part 2: Abstract   


The paper part 3: Introduction

 Arouses interest in the topic and provides the problem/thesis statement/main argument


Part 4: Review of the Literature

This is the main portion of your paper. This is where you provide a review of the scholarship regarding your theory. Be sure to keep your review focused and tailored to your thesis/problem as well as your application scenario. The information you provide should go beyond the book. For example, if classmates  also read your paper, they should learn something NEW/MORE about the theory. In other words, ADD to what Griffin says – do not just use other evidence to rephrase it.


Part 5: Application of Theory

Provide a description of the scenario in which you are applying your theory, and then apply the theory to that scenario. Use the theory to further understanding about that scenario, help explain it, or other creative applications.


Part 6: Critique and Future Directions 

Provide a critique of the theory  Provide your idea(s) regarding future direction of theory

Provide your idea(s) regarding future direction of theory


Part 7: Conclusion  

Summarise your main argument and your research/application of the theory.


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