Racial/Ethnic Profiling in Security Aspects and Violence Control


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You must choose one of the following topics:

1.Broken Windows/Urban Crime

2.Climate Change

3.Education Reform

4.Environmental Justice

5.Food Deserts/Food Access

6.Foreclosure Crisis


8.Housing Discrimination

9.Predatory Lending

10.Subsidized Housing

11.Racial/Ethnic Profiling

12.Shrinking Cities

13.Urban Immigration

14.Urban Sprawl

15.Urban Unrest/Civil Disorders

This is a research paper and you must draw on scholarly sources including: journal articles, books, book chapters and other reports. You can supplement with materials drawn from popular media (newspapers, magazines), databases (e.g., the U.S. Census), and valid internet sources (no Wikipedia!!!). You must include at least six different scholarly sources. You can use course materials, but must have additional citations not included in this syllabus. The draft must have appropriate citations and a bibliography. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. I will be running all papers through Turn It In to check for plagiarism. Please refer to this syllabus and the CSU Student Code of Conduct for additional rules regarding plagiarism. Remember – this is a research paper, not an essay about your own personal experiences.

The subjects of race, class, and/or ethnicity permeate each of the possible paper topics. You must incorporate and highlight these connections in your paper. Once you pick an overall topic, you should narrow your focus to a particular aspect of the issue. For instance, if you select “Education Reform,” you could focus on a particular policy (e.g., No Child Left Behind) or trend (e.g., charter schools, vouchers).


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