Project Report on Construction of a New Mc Donalds Restaurant


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  • Project Scope Overview
  • Compelling Business Case
  • Project Structure Approach


Purpose of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to meet the following objectives of this unit:

  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles of project management
  • identify, interpret and apply the principles of project management to effectively manage My Project
  • critically analyse, interpret and apply the project management knowledge areas to the various phases of My Project as appropriate
  • identify, assess and evaluate all the phases associated with a project life cycle and demonstrate an understanding of the activities and interrelationships critical to the successful completion of My Project.

Project Charter

The Project Charter should explain the background of the organization where this project will be carried out, the objectives of the project and the importance of this project to the organization. The project team should also include a Business Case, Milestone Schedule, as well as any major problems or anticipated Risks with this project if they are known at this stage. The textbook provides detailed examples of what needs to be included in the Project Charter.  These examples will assist the project team in the development of the Project Charter for My Project.

The project that your team uses could be from one of the following categories depending on the type of business a student is involved in:

  • an organisational project that a student is involved in as the organisation’s main line of business – to manage projects for your organisation or on behalf of others
  • an activity that a student is convinced would benefit from being handled as a project
  • an activity in which a student was involved in the past that was not carried out as a project, but one which you believe would have been managed better as a project. If you use this option you should describe how you would execute this activity now using the knowledge gained through this unit.

Communication Plan

This will include the who, what, why and when of project communications.  It can be documented in a communications matrix.  A meeting management process needs to be described, and both agenda and minutes need to be documented from team formation to Assignment 1 upload.  Issues raised in your meetings are to be recorded and assigned to a team member or closed out when settled.  Communications improve with a system for knowledge management with meetings evaluated.  These documents will be similar to Exhibits 5.11 through 5.16 in the text.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

All project deliverables should have been identified and should clearly conform to the Scope Overview in the Project Charter.  A structured numbering system should be developed to identify all project deliverables.  The level of detail makes sense.  One of the three logical formats of indented outline, org chart, or free form is used.

The maximum word length for this part is 2,000 words excluding words used in any charts, templates, forms or diagrams that you have used to apply the knowledge areas.

The key criteria to consider in choosing the project is not ‘what the project is’ but rather, is there sufficient scope to allow the project team to demonstrate the application of the wide range of tools and techniques introduced throughout each topic area. Project concepts with too narrow a Scope are difficult to expand upon in demonstrating a full range of tools and techniques. However, projects that are initially perceived as being too large or broad in Scope can typically be broken down to produce more than adequate scope for the purposes of this assignment.

The purpose of this Project Charter, and the Project Report to follow in the second assignment, is to demonstrate your understanding of how, why and where Project Knowledge Areas, Processes, Phases and Principles facilitate effective and successful Project Management within the context of the chosen project.

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