Problem /Solution Essay-Sanitation in India


Tell why is the problem frustrating, troubling, or harmful.


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Topic-Problem /solution essay-sanitation in india

Paragraph 1- Introductory paragraph(hook,background,thesis)

Paragraph 2&3-problem

Analyze the natures and extent of the problem and provide statistics,quotes,and other data to support the analysis
Remember your readers must understand the problem through your own word
Tell why is the problem frustrating,troubling,or harmful

Paragraph 4- the solution
Begin with topic sentence explain your solutions to the problem
Explain how the proposed solution responds to the problems
Be not assume the reader understands what your are thinking.give details.

Paragraph 5-conclusion(the conclusion is the last paragraph)
It should bring your ideas to a close
It should not raise new,important points
It also needs to restate the thesis at some point
Call to action.who will help with your solution
Write own words

Problem/Solution Essay

1. Identifies a specific problem

2. offers a possible solution(s)

The introduction

1. Hook (Startling Statistic)

Across India, an astounding 4 million people die of cholera on a yearly basis.

2. Background (use your knowledge and thinking to introduce the problem)

Travel through the country and you will surely find examples of problems with sanitation. Millions of families do not have access to toilets. Millions more live in poverty and filth.

3. Thesis

There is a major problem in India with sanitation, and the solution to it is _______________.

The hook – 1st sentence

Introductions should begin with a hook which captures a reader’s attention.

Sometimes that hook will present surprising information or introduce a relevant story.

The goal is to make your reader want to keep reading.

  • A hook should not be something that everyone obviously knows.

Introduction – Background Information

  • Names the problem
  • Explains why it Is important
  • If possible, explain how widespread the problem is and the effect it has on people or institutions.

Introduction pt. 2

Provide background information

  • Give us 4-5 sentences in your own words and leading up to your thesis

The Thesis

  • The problem =
  • The Solution =
  • For your solution, you may solve the problem any way you choose

Writing your thesis


There is a problem in India with ________, and the solution to this issue is ________.

Body Paragraphs

  • Analyze the nature and extent of the problem and provide statistics, quotes, and other data to support the analysis.
  • Remember, your readers must understand the problem through your words.
  • Tell why is the problem frustrating, troubling, or harmful.
  • Support your claims with definitions, facts, statistics, quotations from outside sources and interviews.


The concluding paragraph has 3 parts

  • 1. Restate the thesis.
  • 2. Restate background info. on the problem.
  • 3. Call to action. (Who should become part of the solution? Who should carry out the solution?)

“In conclusion,”

  • Restate thesis.

Restate background information from introduction paragraph

  • Not word for word – use different wording!

It has become clear that America has a nutrition problem, and that nutrition problem is leading students to suffer in school. Students who do not eat right cannot focus in class. Students who cannot focus in class cannot achieve.

Call to action

  • State what you want your audience to do now for your last sentence

Finally, America must take action to remedy the problem of poor student nutrition in order to usher in a brighter future.


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