Physical Development: Playing interest of children, “analyzing an incident.”


What is the goal for the child’s development?


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Anecdotal Observation Checklist

Preobservation Information

Child’s name: Chloe                                                                Observer:

Age/D.O.B: 3 ½ yo.                                                                   Date:

Time of Observation:

Setting: Child Care

Purpose – state the domain, the root skill, and the indicator that you are investigating


– Who is there? How many children? How many ECEs?

– Where is the observation taking place? What time of day is this? What programming is happening? What materials are present and available to the children?

– Describe the mood, energy level of the situation

– Specify what the child you are observing is doing at the onset of the observation



– Anecdotal format

– Full sentences

– Sequential

– Use the direct speech of the individual(s) in the observation

– Past tense

– Detail is driven by your purpose

– Objective (avoid making assumptions)



– Consider the development of the children (ELECT, Brigance, human

– Interests (again, ELECT or other resources)

– State the skill the child appears to be demonstrating, back this up with the development textbook)

development that you have researched (continuum) and quote your observation


Developmental Goal

– What is the goal for the child’s development?

o Consider the skill that you said was emerging or was present as part of your inference

o Goal should build upon that skill (broaden it, deepen it, move to the next skill in sequence)

– How did you identify the goal?

– Use your inferences to validate your goal and examples from the observation

– How will you support this child to meet the goal that you have identified? that support your goal.

(Consider play-based strategies that support development).


I need to do a Physical Development Anecdotal Record base on my observation, I have a draft on which I observed last Thursday and I just need you to fill up the bold Topics above consist of Purpose, Context, Observation, Inference, and Goal.

This is not a full sentence and a paragraph form so I need your help to do it.

It is Free Play Time in the morning.

We have 18 children and 5 adults at that time

– 4 are in the table with beads and string with 1 teacher

– 7 are in the grey carpet playing different toys together with 2 teacher

– 3 are in the reading area with 1 teacher

– 4 are in the dinosaur land area with 1 teacher


The name of the child I am observing is Chloe

– She is sitting in the chair with both feet flat on the floor

– Her arms are stretched extended inside the basket and took 10 pcs beads and put them in front of her forming a straight line

– She held the long red plastic string in her left hand and picked up a bead in her right hand.


– She then inserted the bead into the string but because she held the string in the end, there was not enough space for the string to allow the bead to get in through and it fell under her chair.

– She tried again, this time holding the string a little bit lower down to give space for the bead to get in

– She was successfully inserted the first bead, she then picked up another bead and did the same.

– After she inserted 5 beads she then dragged it down in the end of the string without knowing she forgot to knot it and the fell off the string down the table.

– She gave up and made no further attempt in inserting the remaining beads.

– She stood up with her booth feet flat on the floor while leaning in the end of  the table her both arm are crossed together and watching the other children play in the other play areas.


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