Load Frequency Control of Power System & Incorporating Electric Vehicle


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The aim of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to learn how to apply engineering- related knowledge and skills in proposing an engineering project and in planning project tasks. This project proposal (also called Project Portfolio) is a report that defines the aims, scope and resource requirements for your project which you will be continuing and implementing in SEN720. You will need to include detailing of the specific aims and scope of your project along with clear timelines and expected deliverables/outcomes clearly described. You should consult with your supervisors or/and industry advisers in order to design realistic project tasks, its methodology (including experiments if any) and deliverables.


Learning Outcomes

This assignment has been devised to allow students to demonstrate progress towards achieving the following unit learning outcomes:

ULO2 – Formulate a detailed project proposal that contains background information based on the literature review, methodology to be used to carry out the project, and the proposed timeline.

ULO3 – Ability to formulate a detailed project proposal.

ULO5 – Develop skills in applying engineering-related knowledge and skills in planning, managing and implementing a wide range of project types in the workplace.



This submission is about your Project Portfolio or Final Project Proposal at the project planning stage. You are required to submit a full and final Project Proposal which will clearly explain what you are going to do in your project, why you are doing it, and how you will do it. Your submission should include fully justified project aims and scope, detailed literature review, detailed methodology, a timeline of scheduled tasks, resources to complete the project, and an evaluation of safety, risk and ethical considerations. The detail project methodology identifying potential mum’ solution/s by applying principles of Project Management must also be included.



An introduction provides context to the project by including background information that high-lights the importance of the area to the industry and/or public.

• Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the general importance and implications of the project area


Project aims and objectives

The project objective and specific aims were introduced in the initial proposal, however, these may have been further refined or adjusted.

• Clearly articulate the specific project aims and project benefits to the research area, industry and/or the public

• Clearly identify any stakeholder requirements, such as from your supervisor, industry,researchers or other organisations that have a vested interest in the outcomes of the project


Literature review

A literature review serves a number of purposes in a research project. See this link for more information regarding a literature review and talk to your supervisor. In simple terms, the literature review should justify the need for the project, the project objectives and the intended methods that will be utilised. Thus you should:

• Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the area of study in terms of the important issues, theory and approaches that have been previously undertaken to study it

Demonstrate an understanding of what others have previously learned by studying the area, and thus identifying the best way to study it to address your specific aims

• Demonstrate an understanding of any flaws or gaps in the previous research done in the area

• Detailed methodology and deliverables

• The methodology should provide a detailed outline of the tests/methods/techniques/etc. that will be undertaken in the project.

• Clearly explain the approach that will be used in the project, including detailed steps/tasks/tests/etc.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the outputs that will be generated using the methodology, and how these can be used to provide an outcome/deliverable/solution to each of the project aims.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations or disadvantages of the approach being undertaken.


Project planning

Evidence that the project can be completed safely and professionally within the timelines allowed.

• Timeline/Gantt chart that clearly identifies the scheduled tasks, resources, milestones and timeline for the project

• Evidence of project progress tracked against the project plan/timeline

• Critical tasks highlighted with any risks to completion of the project identified

• Ethical considerations related to the design of the project identified and appropriately discussed


Report Format

The final proposal should use the format below (or similar) and MUST use an appropriate referencing technique and conform to the University plagiarism policy

• Project title

• Introduction

• Project objective and deliverable

• Project aims and benefits

• Literature review

• Methodology

• Project planning

• Reference list

• Appendices: All attachments should be included in appendices. These are:

o The work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt chart. Convert your Gantt chart in either word or pdf format, if needed (compulsory).

o Meeting details with your project supervisor/s for the whole trimester (compulsory). Attach all “Four Square Charts” you were asked to use during your meetings.

o If you have any special requirements (say project expenditure,etc.) then you can also include in the Appendix (Optional).



Organization (ULO 2, GLO 2)

Overall, the written report is clear, well organized and while appropriately scoped shows a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the topic and its relevant research methodology.

Introduction is attention-getting. It establishes a clear framework for the report by laying out the problem and its relevance, identifying key aspects of the topic, including its outcomes

Presents information in effective, logical order. Line of reasoning is interesting and easy to follow.

Uses relevant subheadings throughout enabling readers to move easily through the text and good struc-
ture of paragraphs and transitions enhances comprehension and readability

Conclusion succinctly summarizes the outcomes or research results based on the literature and/or actual research, including its strengths and any limitations and offers suggestions for future research or action


Knowledge/Research Base (ULO 2, ULO5; GLO3, GLO 4)

Provides good, relevant background information on the topic. Defines technical terms and acronyms clearly, and demonstrates a clear understanding of the topic

The methods section provides essential information about the topic and data collection procedures, and in addition might represent a novel and insightful approach to researching the topic

The research output (literature review and/or primary research) demonstrates a robust knowledge of the field that is accurate and current , and has a sharp distinct focus that enhances the impact of the report

Explores the topic in detail and in depth, information is focused, rigorous, and accurate, makes scientifi-
cally valid arguments supported by reliable evidence (sources)


Critical Thinking (ULO5; GLO 4, GLO5)

Uses specific inductive or deductive reasoning to make inferences regarding premises; addresses implica-
tions and consequences; identifies facts and relevant information correctly.

Thoroughly identifies and addresses key aspects of the problem and insightfully uses facts and relevant evidence from analysis to support and defend potentially valid solutions

Insightfully interprets information; identifies obvious as well as hidden assumptions, establishes credibility of sources on points other than authority alone

Insightfully relates concepts and ideas from multiple sources; uses new information to enhance chosen solution; recognizes missing information; correctly identifies potential effects of new information.

Identifies strengths and weaknesses in own thinking: recognizes personal assumptions, values and perspectives, compares to others’, and evaluates them in the context of alternate points of view


Written Presentation (ULO2, ULO5; GLO 2, GLO8)

Compelling evidence from reliable and authoritative sources is given to support claims and are correctly cited in an accepted citation/referencing style.

Quotations are well chosen, correctly cited and effectively framed by the text and explained as needed. Effective choice of illustrations (graphs, tables, images, etc.) that truly enhance understanding of the topic

Vocabulary and tone are consistently precise, accurate, consistently professional and appropriate for an academic research paper. Sentences are well-phrased and flow smoothly from one to another.

The writing is free or almost free of errors and word length is within the range specified

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