Intercultural Communication and Effective Workplace Communication Practices


  • The theory of cultural dimension
  • Individualism versus collectivism


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The company you are working for in Australia would like to form a relationship with a business in another country. As you are a student of business communication and have studied with students of different nationalities, the managers have identified you as appropriate people to write a report to people working in another country. Below is the email you received from the manager of the International Business Practice Group at your company.


To: Business communication


Subject: Report on intercultural communication


Dear Students

As you’re aware, ABCD is planning to establish a long-term, strategic, business relationship with an organisation in (choose your country).

Given your studies in Business Communication and your expertise in intercultural communication, you have been commissioned to prepare a set of guidelines that XYZ employees can use to communicate effectively with people from (your chosen country) in a workplace context focussing on cultural differences. Your report will help us design an International Business Education Program for training staff in intercultural communication.



You will then present your report findings to the staff who are going overseas. Give the names of your group members to your lecturer in WEEK 4.

Your report, written in plain English, should be a formal document which outlines the issues for the team going overseas. Describe the general challenges of intercultural communication and explain the ways that the report will help the individuals. It should give them some of the key information they should know to enable them to operate in the different cultural environment. This may include both specific information about the culture and general information about working with people from other cultures. The format of your report should include:

  • cover letter
  • cover page
  • table of contents
  • executive summary
  • introduction
  • discussion
  • summary and conclusions
  • recommendations


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