Information Technology Management


Ways in which the business operations in the restaurant can be improved


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Subject : Information Technology  Management

A  fast food chain plans to increase ordering efficiency and reduce over the counter ordering

The plan is to install touch screen machines for customers to make the orders from,  1. within the restaurants and 2. in different locations across town, and collect from the store.


1.a)List and describe the business operations / processes (CRM, SCM, TPM etc) involved in this type of business with references to journal articles?


b)Give5 recommendations to improvements /best practices in the implementation of  these machines for placing orders, in this type of business,  with references to journal articles..


2.a)Describe an alternate plan to the touch screen solution above to improve ordering/delivery for the organization  (e.g mobile ordering, web ordering, mobile apps etc. )


b)What other ways in which the business operations (e.g customer feedback, mobile ordering) can be in improved .


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