Identify the Policy Actors, and How They may Influence Your Policy Area?


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Discussion regarding the assigned papers

Because the policy areas are very broad, it may be necessary to narrow down your topic. For example, if you are interested in education policy., you might want to focus on student financing for higher education. If you are in. terested environmental policy, you may want to analyse the Clean Air Act or a state emissions regulation. If you are choosing a policy at the state or local level, you may want to restrict it to a particular area (Ohio, Cleveland, etc.).

It is important that you choose a policy that is manageable for the purposes of the paper assignments in this course. I will give you feedback and suggestions and/or require revisions on your proposal if I feel it is necessary for the successful completion of the papers.

If you are having difficulty identifying a policy area, try browsing some of the sites listed at the end of the textbook’s chapters. Also, browse the policy sections in the Kraft and Furlong textbook, chapters 7-12 for ideas. You are not restricted to these areas, these are just some ways to get you thinking about a possible topic. Do what is best is for you to find a topic that you are interested in and thus you will likely desire to learn more about the subject. You will use the same topic/policy area for all three papers. No late papers or assignments will be accepted and all papers must be submitted in class without exception.

Short Paper I — Policy Proposal and Policy Actors.

Prepare a paper that identifies and describes the actors in your policy area and how they influence your particular policy.

A Identify the policy that interests you for this semester’s work.

This is a statement regarding the policy in which you are interested. You should address the following points:

1.State the policy and the problem that the policy is trying to resolve.

2.Describe timely issues/questions regarding this policy that informs why you want to study this policy area.


B – Identify the policy actors, and how they may influence your policy area? Policy actors in a particular area typically include both formal and informal actors that are active in shaping policy.

They include:

– Those who create policies;

– Those who seek to influence policy

– Those who implement policy

– Committees of legislative bodies,public agencies,interest groups,issue networks and research organisations are all examples of policy actors.


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