How are These Raw Materials Extracted from the Ore and Processed?


  • Corundum – Transvaal
  • Microcline (feldspar) – Ontario
  • Quartz (rock crystal) – Arkansas


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Laboratory Exercise-1

Rocks and Minerals-Earth Natural Resources


A list of minerals and 5 questions about them



1.Apatite – Ontario

2.Calcite – Kansas

3.Corundum – Transvaal

4.Fluorite – Illinois

5.Gypsum (selenite) – Utah

6.Microcline (feldspar) – Ontario

7.Quartz (rock crystal) – Arkansas

8.Talc – New York

9.Augite (pyroxene) – Norway

10.Hornblende (amphibole) – Norway

11.Biotite (mica) – Ontario

12.Muscovite (mica) – Ontario



Write this five question’s each Minerals:

1.Where do these rocks and minerals came from?

2.What raw materials come from each rock or mineral?

3.How are these raw materials extracted from the ore and processed?

4.What are the raw materials ultimately used to produce?

5.What kinds of pollution are associated with the mining,processing, and usage of each rock or mineral?


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