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Overarching methodological research approach: quantitative or qualitative


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1)Type of research you will be doing: Basic or applied

Basic research: Focuses on the development of theories and their refinement. Basic research answers the question why .

Applied research: Focuses on the use of scientific theories to improve their actual practice. Applied research answers the questions what and how .


2)Overarching methodological research approach: quantitative or qualitative

Quantitative research: Statistical research. Researcher wants to know how many times a specific thing occurs.

Example: How many students missed question 4 on test 2; how many people picked the colour blue as a favourite colour, etc.

Qualitative research: Researcher wants to know the person involved feelings, thoughts, and the natural lived experience. Non-statistical.


3)Research question

Research question: Define what you want to know or define an issue (problem) you want to solve.


4)Research design and method

Research design: 6 common designs

Historical – investigates the past.

Descriptive – reports the current.

Correlational – determines the existence, direction, and degree of relationship among factors.

Evaluation – examines the effectiveness of something.

Experimental – establishes casual relationships.

Casual-comparative – has characteristics that resemble some items, parts, of a specific thing.

Research method:

Surveys – self-reporting research where the participants are the source of data.

Interviews – researcher creates a list of specific questions and asked each participant the exact same questions.

Questionnaires – same as interviews but questions are either mailed in print format or electronic format.

Observational – researchers observe, record, and analyse behaviours and events.


5)Selection of an instrument for data collection (questionnaire/survey etc.)

Pick from the research methods listed above.


6)Type of participants (ex. first-year coding employees, HIM directors, HIM students etc.)

Who will you gather your data from?


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