Groth Sectors: Case Study of Japan & Singapore


Comparison and Contrast of Singapore and selected Country


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You are expected to research and compare and contrast the findings for the identified countries (Singapore and Japan) on selected macro topic (Growth Sectors).


  • Brief overview/summary of the two economies
  • Overview of GDP and GDP growth for both countries in past 3-5 years. Summary statistics of GDP and growth in past 3-5 years
  • Why GDP is important – Principle #8
  • Analysis how the GDP has contributed to the growth and standard of living for the two countries.

Growth Sectors (Individual)

  • What are the growth sectors for each country? This could be the result of the economic structuring policies of the government.
  • Explain importance of Growth Sector(s) to the countries
  • Use statistics and analysis of trends to discuss which are the growth sectors and Why
  • Relate Singapore’s and another country’s economic structuring to its lack of natural resources/natural endowments and other factors (e.g. political, social, historical)
  • Examine policies in both countries that are instrumental in development of those sectors

Conclusion – Comparison and Contrast of Singapore and selected Country

  • Compare and contrast both economies: the similarities and differences
  • Discussion on how these macroeconomic issues/factors have impact on both the countries.
  • Conclusion should be a summary of both economies and not a detailed discussion of their similarities and differences.


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