Explain the Concept of ‘Churn’ in Relation to Hubspot’s Business


HubSpot to lower Churn Rate through Customer Engagement


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HubSpot want to reduce their ‘churn’ rate and have hired you as a CRM consultant. Write a report:

• Background/ how did Hubspot get where it is at the start of this case?

• Explain the concept of ‘churn’ in relation to Hubspot’s business

• What do you recommend to HubSpot? (FOCUS ON CRM strategy)


Individual Assignment 1: HubSpot DO

• Analyse the business challenge and the possible solutions


Description of Assignment:

Analyse the case study on a given organisation’s CRM options
Make recommendations as to what you believe the organisation should do/ should have done as regards CRM.


Introduction – what are you analysing and why?

Theory – explain the criteria with which you are making the analysis


Assignment 1: things to consider

• What are the key principles of CRM for B2B?

• Who is a typical customer of of Hubspot?

• What drives them?

• What needs does Hubspot meet?

• What are the main reasons for ‘churn’?

• How can HubSpot get better at preventing churn?


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