Ethical Decision Making Paper


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Ability to write a well-structured, grammatically correct and accurately referenced piece of academic work.



Task Description:

Students are to choose ONE case study from those provided on the Assessment site in [email protected] Students are to choose one person/character in the case study and write this assignment from the professional position of that person. Students are then to use ONE ethical decision-making model from the literature provided to identify how they would determine the competing ethical dimensions or principles inherent in the case, what professional positions and values are demonstrated by key stakeholders, what resources would be required to assist a decision-making process, what alternative courses of action are available, and what decision should ultimately be made about what to do. Justification should be provided for the final decision. The assignment should conclude with a personal reflection on the dynamics of interdisciplinary professional ethics. NB: This assignment should be written in first person.

Clear identification of the ethical dimensions of the presenting case, including competing principles and exploration of value positions of professionals involved

Ability to use an ethical decision-making model to systematically explore the presenting situation, highlighting relevant steps of the process and identifying alternate courses of action.                                

Ability to reach a justified position that is consistent with professional practice, and evidence of personal reflection on interdisciplinary professional ethics and decision-making.

 Ability to write a well-structured, grammatically correct and accurately referenced piece of academic work.


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