Ethical Analysis of RFID Chip Implanted



Social contract theory


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When analysing RFID chip implants, consider this ethical dilemmas:

Is the practise of implanting RFID chips into humans appropriate?

Ethical analysis of RFID chip implanted in the body of a human being

  • utilitarianism
  • deontology
  • social contract
  • character based
  • ACS code of ethics( you just have choose 1 out of 6 which is appropriate for this dilemmas.)

The ACS Code of Ethics are part of the ACS Constitution. As an ACS member you must uphold and advance the honour, dignity and effectiveness of being a professional. This entails, in addition to being a good citizen and acting within the law, your adherence to the following Society values:

1 The Primacy of the Public Interest

You will place the interests of the public above those of personals business or sectional interests.
2 The Enhancement of Quality of Life

You will strive to enhance the quality of life of those affected by your work.

3 Honesty

You will be honest in your representation of skills. knowledge. services and products.

4 Competence

You will work competently and diligently for your stakeholders.

5 Professional Development

You will enhance your own professional development, and that of your colleagues and staff.

6 Professionalism

You will enhance the integrity of the Society and the respect of its members for each other

  • conclusion
  • recommendations : Write a set of recommendations, on your overall preferred ethical approach for solving the ethical dilemmas posed, and include a discussion of the modern ethical approach in your answer. Explore each of the various options, and indicate why one option is preferred over another. Use references to validate your work.

You just have to  include a discussion and proposed solution for the dilemma, from each of the four ethical theoretical viewpoints, and the ACS code of ethics. The discussion should show an analysis and synthesis of research undertaken and your own ideas.


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