Ensuring Compliance of Research with College Ethical Principles


Specification of whether ethical approval is required

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Part 1


In this section, you need to explain how you would ensure compliance of your research with at least one of ethics principles mentioned in “Ethics Guidelines for Research and Teaching Projects, Waiariki Insititute of Technology” (see Ecampus).

Part 2

Student Projects

In this section, you need to explain whether you consider to be a student or staff directed project:

a) a research you have designed yourself without any external guidance;

b) a study which conforms to a standard specification determined by a supervisor.

In your answer, you need to specify how you would obtain ethical approval for each of these projects.


Part 3

Specify Whether Ethical Approval Is Required

In this section, you should explain whether you would be required to seek ethical approval according to Waiariki Insititute of Technology (WIT) policy, if

a) your research involves situations in which you (as a researcher) may be at risk or  harm

b) your research involves non‐specific research evaluations from pre‐existing data for the purpose of improving internal practices

c) your research involves deception of study participants;

d) your research changes significantly during the period for which approval has been given;

e) you are the only subject of your own research and no hazardous procedure is involved.


Part 1‐ Guidelines

  • Explanation to ensure compliances
  • Demonstrate understanding of ethical principles


Part 2‐ Student/ staff directed projects

  • Difference between student and staff projects
  • Explanation of how to obtain ethical approval


Part 3‐ Literature Review

  • Explanation as why ethical approval is needed


Part 4‐ Completion of ethics form

  • Form is fully completed
  • Answers demonstrate understanding


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